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June 15, 2012

A Note From your Kitty ~ Madison “Kitty” Kelly ~Okay I was hoping to make this page a more news worthy page. One that was initially centered on celebrity breaking news, that seemed to include recent arrest, or deaths in the celebrity world, but I figured this will be a grab bag of crazy both celebrity and non-celebs alike. But since we are on the subject right now I think it’s only fitting to keep with the trend of discussing Celebrities who keep breaking news interesting and F’ it… let’s just discuss this most recent Twitter photo scandal between Kim Kardashian and Mr.West… 

  • Is it just me or would I be wrong to assume that this kitty should be tired of having her ass in the news? Frankly if she wanted a career in porn why didn’t she just go for it? This is of course assuming that the sources are true and that this picture is in fact one of Kim Kardashians infamous ass. What do you think?

Poor Kim’s ass can’t catch a break~ Meow 

  • It is also speculated that this picture is not Kim but could possibly one of Amia Miley who is in fact a porn star~ “Or do we all just somehow feel better saying that it’s Kim even if it’s not?”

I guess my question is simply this, let’s say that this is in fact NOT Kim Kardashian and IS in fact this Amia Miley kitty right, the bigger problem wouldn’t be that my boyfriend allegedly, accidentally tweeted pics of me his girlfriend, but possibly just tweeted pics of a naked ass porn star from his phone!!!! Meow~ I think either way Mr.West has some splaining to do 😉  

Not sure if this chick can pull off those hips


April 17, 2012

Donna Summer looses her battle with cancer at age 63


Where would we be today if were not for 5 Grammy award-winning Disco Diva Donna Summer?  She gave us a reason to get out of our seats, and out of our heads and just let go and dance! She was the antithesis of Diva giving every “Queen” , and wanna be diva a reason to bust out in her sequence bell bottom pants and get under the fastest spinning disco ball.

Even though I am not an original from the generation that first introduced Disco to the world,  I can still say that the music is just as hypnotic now as it was then. Whenever you hear Last Dance you have to get up, there is no way you can stay seated. So today we remember Donna Summer as talented, fun, and the original Disco Singing Diva that she was. Thank you for sharing your love for music and your talent with the world. Rest in peace and keep on dancing! For you we will have one Last Dance for love!  

Check out this classic: She Works Hard For The Money It just makes me want to put on my Flash Dance tights and spin around my dance room!

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I had to wear my wig and go-go boots for this one! May the dancing never cease~ Madison Kelly. R.I.P Donna Summer


Can NOT believe that we have to say Good-Bye to a true DIVA. Whitney Houston Passes today~ Aug. 9, 1963- Feb. 11, 2012 

48 years old in Beverly Hills Hilton performing a tribute for Clive Davis.  She fought a fight in this world and now she is in God’s hands. We thank you Whitney for the wonderful God given gift that you shared with us. I pray that you are now at rest peacefully in God’s hands. Rest sweet child. We loved you!

Rest In Peace The One and Only Diva~

With Love


Do You Really Want to See the Baby?  Jay-Z and Beyonce Reveal!

First and foremost, I would like to start this by saying that I am very happy that Beyonce and Jay-Z had a healthy baby girl.  The loving parents have been very protective of the child by wanting privacy on the hospital floor and not posting photos until they were ready to show the world.  I applaud them for their parenting skills.  Wait….did I say parenting skills, more like PR prowess!

From the very beginning, the BJ (Beyonce and Jay-Z) Camp have been ON IT!!  Once they found out that Beyonce was preggers, they thought, “What is the best way that we can promote this.  I know, lets put her in hiding and reveal it on an awards show.

Then, when people started doubting that she was pregnant, the BJ Camp played that up by mixing up due dates and putting her in questionable outfits.

Finally, the baby is here and now she has the traditional weird hollywood name, Blue Ivy Carter.  The BJ’s said, “You know how we can make some money, let’s put her on the hook of a Jay-Z song“!  That’s not enough, lets patent the name so that later on, we can come up with a children’s clothing line and get dumb ass Americans to pay ridiculous prices for clothing that children are going to grow out of anyway.

So, I know you want to see it, here is a pic of Blue Ivy

Eat your hearts out!  The youngest publicity campaign ever!

NOW CAN WE BE REAL?  I don’t understand all the hype involved with this situation.  Most people don’t even care to see the children in their own families and everyone is racing to get a glimpse at these new photos!

Everyone knows, there is only one reason that the world wants to see these flix.
1) We all want to see if the child is as funny looking as Jay-Z

Well, fortunately the child is pretty attractive for now, but everyone knows that you can’t really tell what the child is really going to look like for a few years.  Good luck Blue!



Oh My goodness Kasey I just read this from this site called and they reported that NeeNee Leaks almost lost her son to a brutal beating over the weekend! Oh No. I really hope this is not true.

Madison Kelly~



5 thoughts on “Breaking News”

  1. Kasey Monroe said:

    He’s fine….and Nene is dumb.

  2. Madison Kelly said:

    Love the Blue Ivy pics. I hadn’t seen them until now! I think she is beautiful, she managed to get the best of the two of them, that was good 😉 What a cutie

  3. Who would be surprised . said:

    Baby ,Blue is Just Perfect,and I agree with the last comment that Nene is very DUMB.

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