Your Royal Highness~Kate’s Bringing Sexy Back

Princess Katie’s Kitty Catwalk...Meow

Her Royal Highness Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge is strutting her stuff down every red carpet, and all people want to know is why is she showing so much skin? Well hello, when are they going to wake up and realize that she is a 30 year old woman in the year of our Lord 2012 ? And really was she supposed to walk around in this all year?

No she’s having fun! What they “the media” will say is that she is finally coming into her confidence as Princess. I believe not only is she coming into the confidence that begins to come in at around 30 but she’s coming into the comfort of her true lifestyle, and let’s just face it the reason why most women wish that they were Princess Kate is primarily because of the lifestyle that comes with it, not because of our deeply held love and adoration of the Royal family.

She’s rich as shit, has access to anything and everything. She’s Boss in her world, and to top it all off just for the sake of waxing poetic she’s charitable (awe I know right), yes from the outside looking in she has it all, and who wouldn’t want that?


Let’s just keep in mind while we’re all wondering what sparked the new-found want to bare it all, that in the beginning she first grabbed the attention of Prince William’s parts by wearing almost nothing at all. Do you think now that they are married that it should be any different? No way! Not in this age anyway!

 ( I personally hated the hell out of this dress)       


Seriously if you had this figure you’d be naked too!

Do Your Thang Katie! You look great! ~ Madison Kelly


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