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Products, Products, Products…

Okay Folks this page is just for you. Here’s is where we let you know about all the goodies that the Kitties are using, the hottest shopping sites, and best places to satisfy whatever itch you have. The coolest and most “pocket friendly” things that matter, everything from wine, books, beauty products, to the best places to get a great steak, or even the best adult toys. ūüėČ I live in Atlanta, and Kasey is on the East coast so from South East to the North we’ve got you covered, everywhere in between I guess you’ll just have to tell us right? We’ve got excellent taste people so I think that you can’t go wrong by just taking our word for it.

your Kitty Madison Kelly~ Meow,

July 12, 2012

Okay I said that I would let you guys know about the good, the bad, and the ugly of products that were out there and I have done a decent job of letting you know about some of the things that I’ve found to be good, but now for the not so good.

¬†Skinny Girl, is soooo not worth it. Sorry to Real Housewife of NYC Bethenny Frankel, who was able to turn her drama laden saga of a life story into a fantasy reality spin-off, a marriage, and a successful business, over wrought with shameless promotion. I’m not one to crush another person’s opinion of themself but I’ve gotta say that while I was on a trip back home to MD, I tried to participate in the festivities by supplying a party with Bethenny’s much hyped drink. The reviews were in and it was a resounding¬†NO. I was trying to do well, and stick to a diet, since after-all going home sometimes means hitting up the best greasy food joints that you know of because after-all you don’t get it everyday. This also meant that I would segue the diet to my drinking, so I picked up the bottle and I can say the¬†effect¬†was flat and underwhelming. Even the least picky drinkers among us, decided to just stick to something besides Skinny girl. Bethenny, I’m not mad at you for getting your paper up, just go back to the drawing board on the flavor please. Consumers, spend your money on light¬†alcohol mixed with diet soda or carbonated sugar- free flavored drink, because this simply tastes like dirty dish water, the alcohol content wasn’t even high enough to make you not notice how bad it taste. YuCk!

Sorry~ Madison

Cheers! Just not with Skinny Girl



June 19, 2012

Who doesn’t love a good bottle of Vino?

I think I can offer a good suggestion, take a look if you want to know what you’re Kitty has been bending back an elbow with. If you like¬†Chardonnay but cringe at the price tags of suggestions from¬†snooty sommeliers then check out these two affordable bottles. We are living in the age where bottles are becoming not only affordable but¬†¬†tasty too. I have found two that not only can compete in taste but are an unbeatable value. Take our word for it and give em a try ūüėČ

SONOMA CUTRER Value $21.98 @ Sams Club
  • Even better value and rivaling in the same taste as Sonoma is…

    Hunter’s Grove $8.28 on sale at Kroger- be sure to get the 2010 vintage…It’s the one I’m familiar with ūüėČ ~ Meow

Here’s a word of caution though, after you go on your bender from trying different wines, just let someone else drive!

be a good kitty like me and stay home and tip ¬† your bottle ūüėČ

get wasted…

then sleep it off. Meow



May 28, 2012

Beauty Buys:

¬† ¬† ¬†So I’ve been working on maintaining that¬†naturally¬†beautiful glow and sparkle from inside out, but what I’m finding is that with time, life keeps trying to suck out as much of that as possible so I’m fighting back. I’m pushing for a more whole living approach and that means being diligent about exercise, eating right, and keeping a balanced spirit. In an effort to elevate mind, body and spirit I have been trying a lot of different things. After all the definition of insanity¬†is¬†doing the same thing but expecting different results. Since I’m not insane, I guess I am right by trying lots of different things, and hoping that some of them will begin to yield the results that I’m looking for. With that said I just wanted to hip you guys to some of the latest beauty products that I’ve tried and let you know about the ones that worked for the money and the ones that needed to stay right there on the shelf.

Beauty Issue: Dull tired looking skin, dark under eye circles, lacking glow and an overall youthful appearance

Reason: Over-stressed, wasn’t serious about getting to bed on time, not enough water, or vitamin intake, lack of good products, and I wasn’t diligent about keeping a holistic well-balanced diet

Solutions:¬†# 1, started with making me matter most! This means that I make it a point to get a lot of rest. Beauty rest is not just something they say, the right amount of sleep (for me 7-8 hours at least) does actually yield to beauty. When I rest I feel like I wake up with more oil on my skin which lends to a more youthful¬†appearance, the one that I had in my teens. I keep a glass of water by my bedside so that I drink some before I fall asleep, sometimes throughout the night. The first thing I drink in the morning is water, because we lose so much throughout the night, we must¬†re-hydrate¬†in order to feel and look our best throughout the day. ¬†I’ve started to take it more water based foods like cucumbers, green leafy veggies, and drinks that are more water than anything else. I don’t drink sugary juices, I do still drink coffee but I try hard to have a smoothie in the morning mixed with kale or spinach, ¬†strawberries, banana,¬†Aria women’s whey protein, and 365 organic psyllium seed husk. I incorporate Trader Joes steel cut oatmeal into my diet most mornings during the week, since all good health seems to begin in the gut. It’s important to get all the bad stuff out of the stomach and into the toilet (TMI I know ūüôā ). For me the drive through anything is a place sent straight out of the pit of hell and for most Americans are a¬†catalyst¬†towards a quick death, so I don’t really eat fast foods, okay perhaps the occasional chick- fil-a (MOO right).¬†¬†Anyway eating right is essential for me.¬†Diligent exercise is slow but forth coming, as I am beginning to change the way that I think about the importance that keeping fit has on my overall quality of life. The blood is our life force and must be renewed and given fresh¬†oxygen. It’s essential to get quality fresh air to our lungs. So Yoga is something that keeps me balanced and engaged in frequent physical activity. It’s also a mood leveler for me, which helps with the stress. So Downward faces dog is my “favorite position” ;). I love Patricia Moreno‘s yoga Dance fusion by GAIAM. I kicks its ass often so it’s a good thing. And I know there are a lot of folks out there who love Zumba,

Zumba on the Wii is where I BE !!

can I just salsa in agreement with you guys, zumba is so much fun! ¬†I am learning that finding something fun and¬†convenient¬†are the only ways to make exercise a¬†permanent¬†part of our daily lives. I hope to get to the place where it just becomes an absolute can’t live without it type of things, like 2nd nature.

Beauty Skin Products: I’ve tried countless products everything from coco butter at Walgreen to most expensive cream at the counters at Henry Bendels. So what seems to be addressing my needs now are the products that I’ve found at Origins. I think that they have decent prices for the quality of product. They don’t give you a whole lot like you would find in products on the shelves of target or Walgreen, but it’s about the quality. I have been supplementing days with Neutrogena naturals products. ¬†(this is the kit that I just got from Target on¬†clearance¬†for $9.99 down from $19.00)¬†Neutrogena has been around for a long time. I think it’s one of those brands that can’t hurt but to me doesn’t do a lot to enhance either, it just helps to keep the peace. The Origins products that I find to be the most helpful so far are:

  • ¬†In this kit I love the GinZing, it has worked wonders on keeping the dark circles away cost – $29.50. The GinZing has in it what is almost like a¬†concealer in a way, but it actually brightens. I think this particular product is however more cosmetic than an actual remedy so you have to use something else along side it. And for that I got to Dr. Andrew¬†¬†Weil for Origins Mega Bright cost, $55. This serum is awesome, leaves the skin dewy and supple and it just feels good.
  • ¬†I love brighter by nature. These products have become a fan favorite at Origins and I have to agree. For the price these are good to have in rotation.
  • ¬†Okay everything at Origins is not a must have, but the Brighter by nature high potency brightening peel with fruit acid I believe has helped to bring my glow back. For $37.50 for 40 pads you can’t beat it. After using them just twice a week for almost 2 months I see a total change. I went from…
  • ¬† (BEFORE)

  • ¬†(AFTER)Of course I’m joking, even on a bad day I resemble the second picture the most ūüôā We all wish right? But my point is that the products that I have been using are helping to slow the process of looking worn out and tired. The methods that I have started to make practice in my life are working to construct a healthier, happier, and more centered me! And writing, writing has helped to keep me centered and has helped me to reconnect with my purpose. So except more from me. I hope these help, and let me know what products you may be wondering about, chances are I’ve either tried them or have heard something so I’ll let you in on what I know!

    Til next time~ Be Purrrr-fectly You! Madison Kitty Kelly (Meow)


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