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No matter if you are Team Jolie-Pitt or Team Aniston it’s safe to say that we can all agree that Jennifer seems to be in her season of much due happiness, and for that we can all be genuinely happy.

It was reported by EVERYONE, that Jen our friend from Friends just got in engaged to her boyfriend of approx one year Justin Theroux, you know the weird hippie dude from Wanderlust. If the trend of happy marriages starts with each person having the same first initial then J.J are in business. 

Can these crazy kids in love pull off a successful Hollywood Marriage?

Jennifer, representing the age of 43 just beautifully, should be comfortable enough in her own skin to be able to succeed fully at this thing called marriage. Threoux is now 41 and he should also be at that good age where boyish immaturity starts to wane and in its place comes his ability to actually begin to consider someone other than himself (here’s hoping).

40 something, perfect age for a reset

I think 40 something in today’s society is a great age to begin a marriage. Considering the fact that life expectancy is now somewhere in the 80’s these two are still just kids starting out right? She has given herself the time needed to figure her life out, see who she gels with, and not rush into anything just because of the pressures of the media, or fans or crazies out there. I commend her because she has proven herself to be one tough cookie. I mean to be able to go through all of the public scrutiny of will she won’t she get married. I mean come on already. Who in their right minds really wanted her to marry John Mayer? I’m sure that it will also come off as hating if I said that John could quite possibly count those days in relationship with her as some of the best he’ll ever have.

So let us all raise a symbolic glass to toast to one of our favorite “Friends”…Hooray, Hooray, Hooray to Jen and Justin or Team “Jenstin” as I’m sure the lame media will aptly name them. Your fans wish you all the best, and be sure to apply that same true grit that it took while Hollywood was pressuring you to get married, and ignore them all the same once they begin to wonder where your rainbow of children will come to follow.  Just keep in mind that if you are ever looking for someone to adopt, don’t hesitate to call me because I am free to go!

The ring

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