Where the Kitties Hail From

 Madison Kelly~ I currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia. A place that many lame people refer to as “Hot~lanta”. I frankly have no respect for those who call it that because, often the people who refer to it as “hot-lanta” are from places where the weather is most often the same. Since we are fully in the throes of global warming most places on the east coast at least are just as warm as the freakin “dirty south” (which is term that I can respect a little bit more). Our recent claims to fame here are Nee Nee Leeks from the FAKE Housewives of Atlanta, and… let’s see what was that short-lived show with Stacy Dash, and who else was in it ,oh that’s right Lisa Ray McCoy and some other random chick we’ve never seem before (Oh it was called Single Ladies), oh and Tyler Perry Studios ;/

So yes there are still some claims to fame in the Atlanta, but let’s not forget our most notable claim, which would be the jobless and homeless, or jobless people with the most foreclosed homes. So needless to say I currently live here, but I don’t love it.

Hometown: Baltimore, MD   (Love it, but can quickly get sick of it until I miss it again)

Favorite NFL Team: The Ravens dumbass didn’t I say I was from Baltimore

Favorite Things: Music, Movies, Politics (so I will give you the real political deal on the Kitties Politicrazed page…So that’s my angle and I may come back here and update some info later as I see fit. Thank you guys for coming to our Blog and we really hope that you feel like we are the Big Sisters you never had but always wanted or the Daughters you were afraid to have, either way we’re opinionated and love it, we hope you do too!


2 thoughts on “Where the Kitties Hail From”

  1. Well I guess you have expressed your self, and you do have 9 lives !!!!!!

  2. Madison Kelly said:

    Kitty Meow to that!

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