50 Shades of Grey Updates

More, or have you had enough?…


So now that over half of the UK and US has read the most talked about adult fiction book in recent history, the attention now turns to who will play the illusive, infamous Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of E.L. James’ book 50 Shades. Which b.t.w is being produced by the folks who brought you “The Social Network“, none other than Michael DeLuca and Dana Brunetti (announced July 10, 2012). It’s also rumored that Angelina Jolie will be directing this flick. I can’t put money on it but something tells me she knows a little somethin, somethin, about being all tied up and spank 😉

Unnerving composite sketch of the protagonist Christian Grey


What’s makes your breath hitch? Okay well maybe you don’t, but nonetheless people can’t stop buzzing about who will be the man to fulfill this fantasy role. What I find most fascinating is this underground, but not so secretive society or culture if you will, that readers of the book seem to have created.

Encounters of the naughty kind:  Just recently while on a trip back home to Baltimore I couldn’t help but notice the variety (all ages and races) of women who had their heads buried deep in paper back copies with worn out spines representing countless times of folding back pages to peer inside and see what was happening next. As I walked to baggage claim to retrieve my luggage I noticed this attractive 50 something year old, seemly upper-middle-class suburban Caucasian woman reading the book, but she took a moment to glance up and notice me noticing her, then there was a wink and a look in her eye that said, “you’ve read it, yeah I’m reading it…”. We Get it!!! It’s weird but I’ve noticed this more than once. It’s like a secret acknowledgement of one another’s deeply held desires for a life peppered in smut. It’s fun! Not only that but it’s sparked friendships and conversation among unlikely folks.

unlikely friendships

I mean what other sexual commonalities could I hope to openly share with a woman in her 60’s, 70’s +,  if I’m in my 20’s or 30’s? Well hopefully the fact that we all like men but what else would have sparked such an open and honest dialogue about what we may all fantasize to do or have done to us by these men?

I guess that’s what is so captivating about the book in my opinion. Not the writing, or even the content; because really how many times can you read about someone boinking someone else, how many ways, or how it made her breath “hitch” just at the very sight of him; but more about the opening or spark of the common theme and conversation that sex inevitably invokes.Who doesn’t love it? (probably those who aren’t having it, or those who aren’t having it right).

This is not a book that is a recipe to sexual relationships for me, but it’s a catalyst to delve deeper into a subculture of sexually repressed women (excluding me of course), but more for those who find these topics challenging. It offers an opportunity to meet on common ground free of judgement and to me that’s fun and provocative.


But back to the task at hand, who will play Christian Grey?


Keep checking back for more…or have you had enough?


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