About Catty Kitty

Who Are We?

  Madison Kitty Kelly: Founder of Catty Kitty

a.k.a Tiger Lilly, b.k.a ~ The Most Interesting Kitty In The World.

7 Facts About ~Madison “Kitty” Kelly:

  1. I live vicariously through myself
  2. I fought with death once and guess who won
  3. I once taught a German Shepard to bark in Spanish
  4. I never say something tastes like chicken-not even chicken
  5. You can see my charisma from space
  6. My skin feels like silk, and I even have a factory with silk worms kept just to make silk shirts for me to wear only once
  7. Even my enemies list me as their emergency contact
  8. I’ve been known to cure narcolepsy just by walking into a room

 I am The Most Interesting Kitty in The World.

Come here to get advice and opinions from The World’s Finest Life & Style Connoisseurs on the Only blog that matters. We are the best friends you’ve always wanted, but were too afraid to have.

Look no further. No seriously look no further! Snuggle up in your sexiest love seat, with a luscious expensive, or cheap bottle of something that makes you all warm and fuzzy and read the latest dish that me and my bestie Kasey let you in on. We hold nothing back, so if you’re bashful this is not the site for you. If you hold the opinion that in this day and age women should hold their thoughts & tongues, than again get the hell off our site; but if you still hold a special place in your heart for relevant worthy conversation that is shamefully smothered with the best advice and gossip that you can possibly get from two girlz who are Really Real, then by all means stay and get our opinions, take our advice on what matters – to us of course…Okay you can leave a thought too, but caution we’ll claw your eyes out 😉

Enjoy and have a Purrr-Fect Day!

With Love,

Madison~ Meow

 Kasey “Kitty” Monroe: Co-Founder of Catty Kitty A.K.A the only blog that matters, and all around girl about town.

“It is amazing how much random ridiculousness is out there and my bestie Madison and I are here to bring it to you.  Let’s get it straight, this is not just a gossip site.  This is the place where you will receive your vindication because everything you have said, wish you could say, or didn’t think about will be on this site!  No, we won’t have every new and hot piece of gossip on this site (we have lives), but the one’s that we chose to post are guaranteed to be hilarious! I pride myself with not holding back and with this new forum I plan to rip those Rich Bitches a new one!!!  Chao!


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