The Road to A Dream…

Carpe Diem: 

I find that life is about the little moments and the seemingly insignificant steps that often lend themselves to life’s overall “bigger picture”. These tiny steps are what ultimately get you to where you need and want to go in life. My life experience, is that of a woman who became a Mom at a relatively young age (well 22 to be exact), and who was married at 25. Now at almost 10 years of marriage and 13 years of parenthood under my belt, life has thrown in a lot of the unexpected. All of my experiences have brought me full circle to a couple of realizations:

1. All that is happening is life, every seemingly imperfect obstacle, every on the surface impossibility, every fear, every triumph and celebration. Those aren’t just rare occasions or happenstance those are life’s plan. I’m learning that the same way we have a plan, well so does life, but the key is-is that we have got to become the master of our own experiences both good and bad.

2. So much of our life and our experience is determined by our outlook, the way we think, what’s in our hearts, our attitudes, our closed or open door mindset towards life’s challenges and experiences. Some of the biggest obstacles in life can be easily overcome simply by changing our outlook.

3. There is no shortage of resources just a lack of resourcefulness i.e. creative critical thinking (thank you Anthony Robbins for that little gem). So with that said I am on a mission to establish and set goals that have corresponding action. Many of us have vision, dreams and even goals, but fail somewhere between inception and actually seeing that vision to fruition. I ain’t goin out like that. I am making a realistic plan to do better and to realize my dreams and watch them come true.

I am on the Road to My Dream…

Follow the steps I take to get there…You’re next~ Meow


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