Glossary~ Terms & Expressions

In an effort to get you guys to better understand the language that the kitties will undoubtedly use in our blogs I’m giving you the inside scoop with this mini glossary of terms and expressions and overall dumbshit that we tend to say: Enjoy!

Terms & Expressions:

  • Warm.ith ~ courtesy of Kasey’s Mother who just said warmth wrong
  • Blur cheese= Blue Cheese
  • Furtheworth= Wherewithal
  • My Husband left me for a tap dancer ~means you’ve had too damn much to drink est.12/11/10
  • I’ve fallen in better places than this ~ means you’ve had too damn much to drink and you now need to save face because you’re on your face. Circa 20?
  • Well that’s tight and nasty ~ inappropriate things that your Uncle buys for his niece not knowing any better. Circa 90’s statements- Thank you “Kitty” Kasey for that one
  • “Well and that’s why I have to be careful with who I select to take my nudes” est.12/12/10~ Courtesy of Madison when I considered having nude pictures taken of myself, it was said with a very straight face as if it were just one of those normal life considerations, so it was funny.
  • “They were heralded as a Landmark” est.12/12/10 ~ Refers to someone who is idolized way beyond what they should be ~ Courtesy of Madison
  • Is Mister still your girl? – Actually saying- “It’s Mister steal your girl”– what Trey Songz says at the beginning of his song. ~ Just us singing shit absolutely incorrect.
  • I hooked up with Gucci Mane and went back to his crib for a party- This shit means that your ass is someplace you have absolutely no damn business being {Thank you to Madison’s husband for contributing this little gem}
  • “At least you didn’t get called a Bitch on Mother’s Day” ~This comes from true life and will be said to another person when they begin to complain about something, one of us can simply say “well at least you didn’t get called a Bitch on Mother’s Day”, and it just lets you know that your situation isn’t as bad as you think.
  • Mento- Joey from Friends Season 8 Episode 19 Joey’s Interview. He just said the shit all wrong, oddly enough as legend has it, before that episode even aired me and Kasey just decided to pronounce Mentor by saying Mento instead. So it was just meant to be that Friends picked that up {from us of course}
  • Followers of Catty Kitty~ Adorable Kitties =, we love you and only you because you’re purr-fect~ Meow

Your Catty Kitties~ Madison Kelly & Kasey Monroe

Madison “Kitty” Kelly~Meow

Kasey “Kitty” Monroe~ Meow

We will update this as we go along stay tuned!


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