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Well then if this is so, where the hell have I been you might ask?

I was recently told that I needed to focus…Can we say story of my life? The one who told me this was specifically speaking about the blog. I had to take a look at that and really search through my purpose, through my motivation. Why did I get on WordPress to say anything? So many people who want a voice are forcing their voices, opinions, and randomness on the blogosphere that inevitably I thought well after all I do consider myself a “writer”, so if I have the street cred to write then why the hell not on the blog? Well turns out that when you ask a real writer to critique your stuff what often comes back will be a true reason to come back and take a second look at what the hell you’ve been saying and why. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing. Hell I’ve been doing a lot of introspection anyway, but for the purpose of Catty Kitty I’ll only share the why’s to the reasons that there have not been any recent posts.

So the main reason I started this was because I want to write. “Ma’am I want to write” (those of you who are familiar with the play will know how to say that). Anyway, I thought what better way to get experience writing then with posting it to a blog for others to weigh in and have an opinion right? While I was at it I thought hey I might as well have fun with it too, so that’s exactly why this site is the way that it is; I’m feeling my way towards the needs and who exactly this should appeal to. If you are still out there, and still following, God Bless you and if not then you won’t read this but God Bless you anyway 😉

To those of you reading and following, we’re still here, we still care and if you will just undergoing a little bit of kitty reconstructive surgery. So maybe I will post ideas that I have and you guys can help by voting on what you like or the topics that you’d like more information on. We’ll see but just know that we are still the The Only Blog that Matters 😉 

Please be patient while I undergo reconstruction 😉 M.K