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Kitty Kat-Walk~The Latest Fashion Buzz, What’s Hot?

Adele that’s who: She is on fire as of 10:07 pm eastern she is also a 4 time Grammy Award winner making her total Grammy wins 6 and the night is still not over (Make that 5 Grammy’s tonight as of 11:12 she just grabbed Record of the year/ Okay make that 5 tonight and taking the biggest of the night ALBUM of the YEAR proof that a bad relationship can turn into a very successful career ;)), Rolling in the Deep just took 2012 song of the year. I personally am a huge fan of Adele, she had me at Chasing Pavements. She is also Vogue magazines cover girl for March 2012 

Sizzling on Grammy’s red carpet many seem to be able to just focus on Adele and not Adele’s curves or anything else. This has me wondering has America and the Fashion Industry finally gotten over its total obsession with only featuring stick thin models and solely recognizing them as the only reputable symbols of elegance and beauty? Well that would have to mean that they finally caught up to 2012 and the notion that MOST women in the world don’t come in a size 00 and that not eating actually makes most people very very unhappy, therefore that means that MOST women have figures that don’t look like that of a 12 year old boy. So despite what Mr. Karl Lagerfeld  feels with Adele being “Too Fat”, she’s doing the damn thing. She’s making albums that people love, she’s kickin ass with awards, and she’s bustin stereotypes and gracing covers of magazines that are usually reserved for the painfully starved supermodels of the world. But hey could she have done this if she were anyone but Adele? Maybe not, I don’t think that the industry has come anywhere close to being that evolved. But as long as we live in a world where women eat something other than cigarettes and champagne and as long as the fashion industry finds that most of their covers that feature celebrities are the ones that currently bringing in the big bucks of the already fledgling print industries, than one can only hope that more celebrities who eat will start to represent the true picture of women everywhere. We are not talking about a major overhaul here or saying that Fat is back or to be skinny is evil, we are just saying that the sz 10, 12, 14’s of the world (mostly the average sized woman) needs to see someone who represents them every once in a while. Get wit it people please!

What Adele does show is that no matter what your size you should always live your life at your best and don’t stop and don’t give a shit what the standard holds because you can break that bitch! So rock your skin no matter what size it’s in. You rock chick!

Buck the System at any size!

~ Peace Madison Kelly 


   Jason Wu, that’s who. Target knocks it out the park again with another Celebrity Designer for Target brand. Okay so how many more of these do we have to look forward to? My thing is not with these designers looking to the more affordable distribution channels for additional profit, but with the mad crazy ass limited time offers that they subject us 99%’ers to, therefore causing mass hysteria and the same Black Friday shopping frenzy that hit with the launch of the freakin Missoni line for Target. That same line that had my ass running around to every Target in the metro area of Atlanta, Peachtree City, Newnan, Fayettville, and everywhere in between to find a pair of tights, a sweater, a dress a something to have to keep to commemorate the last great thing that we still have as Americans… Our merchandise. I have never really been able to afford to go into a Neiman Marcus, or Saks Fifth Avenue and purchase an authentic piece from the house of Missoni but Target made me feel as though they were sincerely reaching me in my pockets, well not so much. After the novelty wore off and I searched on ebay only to find most of what Target was selling could now be found for the low low price of whatever you were willing to bid for, then I looked at it completely different.

The thing that always made these designers HOT was the fact that they were exclusive and made pieces that you wouldn’t find on your elementary school teacher, but that you might only find on let’s say…. um The First Lady of The United States of America!Inaugural Ball Michelle Obama's Jason Wu Dress</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>A young designer First Lady to design her gown for the inauguration night festivities

First Lady Michelle Obama rocking the Jason Wu for Michelle Obama Exclusive Inauguration Gown

Hey I’m as much a Fashion Whore as the next woman so I appreciate the gesture to “come down to my level”, the level of the 99% so that we could all benefit from great clothes at a great price, but I know this has more to do with the fact that most of the 99% can no longer afford to even pretend to open a line of credit that we once could to front as though we could afford the lifestyle that Jason Wu’s clothes presented. The lifestyle of fine outings and abundance and obscene extravagance only to be rivaled by the characters in The Great Gatsby. But I guess since the broke buyers and the soon to be broke sellers both don’t really have another choice we all must play the game; meaning that I’ll pretend that they are making clothes to allow us designer luxury at an affordable prices, and pretend that the quality still stands up, and they will pretend that they are not desperate for all the cash that they can squeeze out of us by any means.

This much I know, the next sales guy behind the counter of the Wicked Broadway merchandise sales booth who notices my clothes by saying “Oh is that Missoni For Target…Yeah I looked everywhere for that sweater I couldn’t find it:… and I know that’s because there are like a million other people (or 99% of us) wearing this same damn thing, that’s when I’m out of the Target designer game for good. For now I will enjoy the beautiful clothes that I still can’t afford even at the Target price…Shit I need a job!

Jason Wu for TargetJason Wu for TargetJason Wu for TargetJason Wu for TargetJason Wu for Target

For the rest of the collection:

Just some of Jason Wu’s beautiful line for Target. We love you Jason Wu! You’re awesome at any price point.

Smooches ~Madison Kelly


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