In Search of a Mento… Phase 1

Mentorship Target List or as we like to refer to as the Mento:

I’ve always believed that the road to success is just as close as 6 degrees. I totally believe in the old “6 degrees to Kevin Bacon” theory, being that there is only a matter of 5 or 6 people in between us and whomever we wish to know or meet. Well I think that social networking platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have done a fantastic job of showing us that the world is a lot smaller than we ever could have thought. What I hope to prove is that through really, strategically putting effort into what I hope to do, I can narrow down the best possible connections from those wonderful people who can help me achieve my goals. I’m a people person! It’s not hard for me to make lasting, genuine connections with others especially if they are living authentically themselves it’s even better.


Hey I wonder how many degrees between me and Mr.Bacon? 😉 hmmm

What I have come to realize is that I have a LOOOOOOOOOT of ambitions, and due to some of life’s twists and turns (many of which I have enjoyed and feel blessed to have encountered), I have gotten away from ME! I need to get me back and I want to live out my dreams on this earth while I’m here, suffering no fools, and taking nothing short of what I deserve. With that said, I set out now to find those who are doing it better than me. Those who I believe would make great mentors. The ones who can show me how to get from point A— to point Success.

Yes people, I have a HIT LIST if you will, of potential “Mento’s”, to get me over. I guess this will be an experiment of sorts; a page by which I can document if my “Kevin Bacon” theory is one that will work for me. As they say it’s not what you know but who you know. Unfortunately for me I’m more abundant in knowledge than in connections. But I will list my possible leaders and my strategies for outreach here, and I will keep you abreast of my progress. I believe in thinking outside the box to make happen whatever it is that I want to happen, and I just want for you guys to see that the “Road to achieving any dream” begins with Faith, Plans, then Actions. Stay Tuned…

And I promise not to go all Talented Mr.Ripley on your guys…

Wish Me Luck~ Meow
Madison “Kitty” Kelly


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