July 31, 2012

And I quote, “Kiss My Ass….This is a Holy Site!”

brought to you courtesy of Mitt Romney’s traveling press secretary- Rick Gorka

Is this what International Political travel during a campaign has come to?



July 19, 2012

More Crazy Ass Political Encounters:

*Handy visualization aid Photoshopped by Will Femia

Maddow: Let Them Eat Cape


July 4, 2012

Out of bounds journalist, over-reaching policy agendas, Waging fingers… Where have all the Standards Gone?

Anyone who is currently NOT residing under the proverbial rock, or hiding under the covers, ought to know that the current political environment has gone completely Ape Shit outta control. Journalism standardsare being questioned, political agendas have been under constant scrutiny, and everyday ordinary citizens find themselves under continuous subjugation ever falling by the waist side the liberties that we say we’re fighting to keep. Basically, the way I see it, is we are in a free for all. Anything seems to go and everything seems to be accepted in this climate. http://youtu.be/BgG1NHBVBvg

She’s a Jackwhole

Many of us find ourselves asking if this is happening is because, Republicans are so far to the right; or if them being so far to the right is the result of the world being so unrelentingly left-wing? Perhaps it’s because there are simply no standards out there for how to handle a Black Presidency? We are in a climate of unknowns. The standards that were set were not built to handle the climate in which we now find ourselves. The rule makers are apologetically resorting back to old methods of repression. With recent changes to voter laws and practices we find ourselves, faster than we think, headed back to this place… http://youtu.be/nA99IEuUS6c Come to think of it, had we actually ever left this place? All I know for sure is that a failure to pay attention, and to hold those responsible parties accountable, will result in all of loosing and the price we will pay in the end will be a steep one. None of us will escape the fallout from a Divided (U)nited States.

“United we stand…Divided we fall”-Remember this

Think about it~ M.K.


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