Kitty Keeping House?

Holy Domesticity:

Days in the life of an impatiently optimistic stay at home Mom

So, on top of being on an arduous quest to not only find my life’s passion but also to live it, along side that I battle the internal and external criticisms, affirmations, confused stares and self-doubt with currently being to date a Stay-At-Home Mother” (S.A.H.M). Just the “title” alone evokes an unwanted internal discussion from those within earshot.

All Roads point to Happiness

Stay at home Mom…well for many this is a new-old topic. It’s one of those topics that feminist aren’t quite sure what to do with, and anti-fems, those who have no problem at all with the “traditional” status quo, are starting to become equally speculative. Of course Fems (feminist) take the position that a woman should put education, career, and making money first and foremost. Therefore establishing for themselves not only a financial base, but also an avenue by which they can surpass the expectations of competing with male counterparts but more importantly affording them the opportunity to become the superiors in said workplace.

Historically, their position would also give favor to the notion that after the workplace has been conquered, next, if and only if the woman so chooses would come the home life; which would yield itself to a firm, yet nurturing Motherly touch in parenting, but one equally supported by the Man of the house, this of course assuming one is even present; since of course the furthest left feminist thought is that it may not even take a man to create a home environment for today’s oh so “well-adjusted”American children.

I know not all kids come out bad because of their home environment~relax 😉

Most like myself do realize that the majority of the feminist sentiment is in fact not only truth but necessary truth to establishing a successful and progressive female culture. After all how can we be great Mother’s or supportive wives, sisters even daughters if we can not first support ourselves–We can’t. It’s imperative to our advancement to be educated, physically–mentally–spiritually healthy and of course financially . We are natural, nurturing, and provocatively persuasive leaders in our homes and communities. We are an absolutely necessary force to be reckoned with, and all that from me sounds totally feminist, doesn’t it? Well it should because in my heart I’m a feminist through and through. So tell me why my does life speak to that of the antithesis?

Holy Domesticity~ As I stated, I’m on the road to recovering from my past decisions. Don’t get me wrong I have NO regrets (well very few anyway). I don’t believe in them because without the journey we won’t arrive at the destination. Every decision, every obstacle will one day reveal the greater picture of my life, so I’m happy for what I have and I feel blessed for my life. Oh, I bet you’re waiting for the but, well there’s not one so don’t look for it. What I will say is that I am not yet where I need to be. So I am working on it. Where I am however is at the place of firm understanding. I see now that every goal, dream, vision, plan needs–under no uncertain terms or exception, a corresponding – clear- action. I am, currently, a traditional, domestic housewife, with a 5 year stint of being “self-employed with deferred competition“. I have the heart of a feminist, and while the title of homemaker is okay too, I know it’s not my permanent live’s plan. I believe that somewhere, down the road will be revealed the reason to have an understanding of both perspectives, which ultimately will work to serve a greater purpose. In some way, as with most things in my life, the accommodation for this hope that later the now will one day make sense, creates a present peaceful balance. Feminism serves a purpose as do the “traditional” family values. With that said, this venture through domestic life thus far is a little past its expiration date

But then again, who the hell ever said it was going to be easy?~Meow 


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