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Wooh- hold on that’s not Rob, but Married-Rupert Sanders. Director of Snow White and the Huntsman


OMG “KStew you little slutLOL”!!! I know that’s harsh but to any chick who is out to wreck homes, you have earned the title my dear.

Can I just say Rob I will take you baby,rest a sure you are in no way in need of a replacement. You’re not a sad case because if you snapped your fingers you’d have another in a second. One who will LOVE you truly.

I mean c’mon you guys you are way tooooo young to be sooooo serious. Not to mention that you have been thrown into a world unlike any other, wrought with ass kissers and people telling you that you are a God, so whose head would actually be in the game of love? Love is hard as hell, check it, even for us “normal people” so I am not in any way surprised. What I will say is that I am surprised that you guys got CAUGHT! What the hell were you thinking rookie? Honestly, I don’t even blame you, but I do blame the married man of 7 years who just embarrassed the hell out of his family. I usually don’t fall into this kind of HOLLYWOOD gossip but because of the magnitude of stupidity and out right unabashed arrogance surrounding the scandal I have to get on this one. I will hate myself for it in the morning. But I am a fan of the movies and I am totally a fan of ROBERT PATTINSON and you embarrassed him in my opinion, and that’s just not cool, Bella!

Kristen smooching with her married director

I guess it wasn’t the huntsman we needed to look out for afterall 😉

Not cool

On a dinner date hours before the scandal came out

Come on Kristen I mean you’re hot right now, but it doesn’t mean that you can crap on people. Be decent that’s what I always say. You guys work it out how you must. I know that you sent out an apology and it would be foolish for people to put any false hope into HOLLYWOOD concocted love stories but at least don’t break up fully functional families, that’s what I’m mad at, not that cheating on your boyfriend, I knew that wouldn’t last (then again, maybe it will), but that marriage and the two children who are in it ,will be marked forever, did you think about that? No that’s right because you’re 22 and have no authentic concept of what it takes to keep a marriage and family together.

Rob is hot, and any woman in her right mind would take him and cherish him. He is talented, sexy, inspiring, can sing, make sweet sexy music and make women swoon while watching his movies. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??? I don’t know maybe you guys will make it and if not, Rob call me (MAYBE)? 😉 My gosh Kristen, JUST PICK ONE! (Jacob or Edward or Rupert?-scratching my head errr) Be young, but not dumb, would have been my Big Sisterly advice to you.

Kristen Stewart’s apology

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected,” she said in a statement to People. “This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”

Courtesy of People.com

In case you forgot this is the woman that he is married to, clearly he forgot, but unless they have an arrangement, hands off!

Maybe you all will come to resolution or hey maybe this is all to drum up support for the new movie…umm but you have more than enough fans so this can’t be a conspiracy can it?

Oh and FYI Kristen this only up’s Rob’s Hot factor since he seems betrayed and wounded. Watch out now, you have major comp 😉 Sorry

Rob, send me a tweet 😉 You can cry on my shoulders LOL