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Best Movie!!!

My summer has been pretty damn hot. No not because the heat index has tipped at 110 degrees, but because of the summers steamiest movie to hit the big screen since…wow I don’t know when we’ve ever had, as women, the opportunity to just openly lust at such sweet eye candy. I’m not even sure what has gotten us to this place of open ogling but I like it. 😉


Sure, the movie introduces us to the cheesy underworld of male stripping, and attempts to expose the natural progression of a man trapped between falling victim to society, simultaneously battling the economic pitfalls experienced by many who are trying to become something more than their current circumstances will allow; but it is fun going along for the ride. I get it. We are supposed to get the “message” that stripping, while fun, will ultimately lead to barging pieces of yourself for a cheap thrill and a dollar, that you will never find fulfillment in the two seconds of attention that you get from those seeking superficial validity.

Trust me, I am the last person to advocate taking off one’s clothes in exchange for cash, but I would also stand guilty as a hypocrite if I said that I’ve never found joy in the art form.

This movie and acknowledgement of the world of male stripping kind of forces us all to deal with our uneasy feelings on the topic. I think many of us women have stood opposed to men throwing dollars for a lap dance. More importantly no one ever wants to think of their daughters falling victim to an environment this seedy and morally corrupt.  But if we condone guys “taking it off”, does it then become less harmless, or does it simply make us hypocrites?

My First Time

I’ve seen this movie twice. The first time was out of sheer curiosity. Never in a million years did I ever think that a movie would actually live up to its tantalizing trailer and actually deliver what it promised. I just thought that the best parts would be seen in the trailer and that the movie would be wrought with sub-context, compelling us towards a moral high ground, but it didn’t.  It was appropriately smattered in smut, ass shaking, and butt shots. The first time I actually forgot I was in the movies and had flashbacks to Vegas (shhh I can’t say where, when or how much), but I almost went in my purse to pull out a 20, then I realized I didn’t have one because I spent it at the movies, “oh that’s right, attention…focus, and remember you’re at the theater”.

Again, thank you

The second time was just this past Saturday. I went with a friend for her birthday, and because I got over the initial shock of Channing Tatum throwing off his shirt whereby revealing a six-pack that is unfair to judge any normal man by, I was able to actually focus on the words that were coming out of his wonderfully pouted mouth. Okay, well I was able to focus a little more.

All in all the movie was good, not over hyped, not cheesy. Although this time instead of me forgetting where I was, I had to give a reality throat clear to the 40- something S.A.H.M’s in front of me who all but took off their own tops to throw at the screen. I mean it had me thinking are we that horny and in desperate need for sexual entertainment or was the movie just that HOT? Either way in the violence filled culture that we have now turned into I think I’ll take it any day, as I am a firm believer in making love not war. So go see it and have a good time! Here’s a little teaser…. I wonder if we can have them do a Re-Release in 3D-4D??? I’ll start the petition. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/re-release-magic-mike-in-3d-4d/

I think I might try it myself 😉 ~Meow