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I Really Hate LIARS If you’re not one than this doesn’t apply to you-

Some say that “The Truth Will Set You Free”, others feel that telling the truth sends you to an early grave.

I say, “if you are in fact living a lie, then aren’t you essentially dead anyway”? -Inside at least?

Question: Until you are openly living your truth, you are living someone else’s version of who you should be, constantly being held captive to their opinions. Until you can honestly say “I know and love who I am, worts and all”, how can you expect for anyone else to do so?

Answer: You Can’t! In fact the expectation is unrealistic, because you can’t find true genuine lasting, and unconditional love until you know and love yourself 1st.

Solution: In the meantime I offer to you a solution for all of us. Take a moment, step out of selfishness long enough to spare others the wrath of hell that you will undoubtedly leave in your path while trying to hide from your own truth.

Just because you’re drowning in a sea of misguided self-actualization, must you bring others down with you? No, we see the life-preserver and we’re trying to tell you how to save yourself, but out of PRIDE, SELF-PRESERVATION, and out right IMMATURITY you refuse to take the necessary steps to live a life truly free from unrealistic self-imposed expectations. Yes they are self-imposed. After all, at the end of the day we are only, truly accountable to answer for ourselves, no one else. Although, don’t be fooled because those whom you let down, and trust me because of LIES you will let many down especially, those little ones who are looking at your character and seeing your actions, they will have questions and expectations of your moral fortitude and you may have to answer those questions but ultimately you and only you will have to be satisfied with what you see when you look in the mirror.  If you can’t find the YES to, “am I happy to be me?” when you look in the mirror then by all means change

No, not by doing this


Michael Jackson (a.k.a my first husband) said it best; “I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways, and no message could have been any clearer, if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a changeeeange…na na na naaaa”

(ahh it still hurts to watch him 😦 )

So here’s what you, my brave converts can expect from living your truth:

  • Freedom 
  • Light-heartedness
  • Self-acceptance
  • Accountability as scary as it sounds, accountability all be it boring is a necessity in life, it determines our moral compass and without it anything goes
  • Authenticity– which can only come from your soul, it brings with it light and truth
  • An end to simply being seen as a lying JACK ASS, and finally being taken seriously
  • Receipt of Perspective– putting perspective on your problems means that you stop singing “Woe Is Me” and expecting that everyone should pull out a little tiny violin and start playing it just because you’re having a rough time of things. NEWFLASH!!! Everyone is having a Rough ASS time, take a number and SHUT THE FUCK up, have a

A twinkie and a smile


What you can expect if you continue to lie:

  • Abandonment– understand that when two people are in this game of life “together”, but only one is living in truth and the other shrouded in lies, it uneven’s the playing field and it makes the game impossible to play fair inevitably making you untrustworthy. Untrustworthy people are on an island of their own making and “ALONE”. 
  • To be compared to the cowardly Lion– Cowards Lie
  • A lonely miserable life
  • An unfavorable theme song– Yes, last but not least you can expect that when you are caught in your lies, as we all know you will be; I maintain the right to only hear this… as your theme song as you try to bitch and moan your way towards an explanation of your lies…

In Closing– We all know some of the reasons why people lie, to cover up feelings of inadequacy, because of the fear of falling out of someone else’s good graces “not wanting to rock the boat”, maybe somewhere in your head the lies look better than your truth; but at the end of the day our truth is the only thing that we ever truly own. My advice to you is to go and experience another person’s more difficult reality therefore giving perspective to your gentle upsets. My motto: “Once you’ve starred the devil in his face it makes you fear less his demons”. 

“If that’s not enough I can even offer to you this – perhaps Christina can help you along your journey toward truth and self acceptance….”

What you need to know if you hope to roll with me, is that~”I Really Hate”…


Peace~ Madison Kelly A.K.A Truth Seeker