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Is it me or was it a little cold in the front seats?

Hey Did anybody else peep how cold the vibes were between Kayne West and Kim Kardashian at the BET AWARDS? It’s hot as shit outside but it was an arctic breeze between those two seats

Painful to watch

-I’ve got plants that I’ve shown more love to, what’s happin here? Where is the love? Not at the BET Awards!

Did they not let you all the way in Kimmy?

Kim! What ain’t you havin fun?

Damn even Jay and Kanye had more Kim-istry then Kimye

Whoever saw the BET awards from Sunday night, tell me…What do you think, forever…forever ever…forever ever?

“I think I’m sticking with my first thought…there was no love”

P.S. More BET Award highlights to speak of

LaLa I love you and your Full court life but we are not lovin the fullness of this jumpsuit…sorry

D’ this is the you that we were used to but this is when we weren’t just seeing you for your talent 😉

Now…we do see you for your talent, but you rock the hell outta of the BET Awards. Welcome Back playa!

2012 BET Awards were amazing…Go back and watch