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Whoever said that “True Love Never Dies” must have just wanted to pull something out of their ass for that day, either that or Hollywood is saying that Marriage and Love are mutual exclusive and that marriage unlike true love is subject to death in no uncertain terms. As this is the latest tragedy to befall our beloved “TomKat“, you know the dear couple that pretty much sparked the desire in cheesy Hollywood entertainment reporters to even start combining celebrities names, for no other reason than to piss off the rest of the world.

It seems like just yesterday that the world had to endure the big reveal of the TomKat union and the most talked about uncomfortable display of affection witnessed on the Oprah show, with Tom’s infamous couch jump!

Well It was just five years ago. FIVE YEARS AGO! Let me be the first to say that marriage is hard, it is difficult, it’s challenging, it’ all but impossible, but if this is the case for everyday people, than Hollywood must be showing us that there is absolutely no formula to make these fairy-tale unions result in happy endings. But wait, isn’t Tommy suppose to be an expert at Impossible Missions? Well maybe even this proves too difficult for the kid. I’m holding out hope for their love 😉

Not sure if “real and true” details have come out yet as to why they split or are divorcing, but the long and short of it always seems to be because of “irreconcilable differences” right? This actually just equals to he’s a nut bag and she can’t take it anymore, or she’s a self-centered diva and he’s had enough. Either way marriage is was it is, until it just isn’t anymore. I’m sorry to see them part ways. With love displayed as crazy ass as we seen it with the two of them I thought they would beat the odds 😦 Who to look to now?

Gotta admit they keep it sexy? ;/

Dismayed & Heartbroken~ Madison Kelly