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In a generation that uses text language while writing and submitting essays for college or scholarships, I think we will be hard pressed to appeal to the deeper sense of self and pride, but it’s worth fighting the good fight. I totally agree with this article, and being an Atlanta resident myself, getting there by way of Baltimore I look for ways to instill a sense of culture and pride in our race in my 13-year-old daughter, this means for the most part I have to keep away from most television, deeming it “inappropriate”.

I too remember when Atlanta offered those nuggets of cultural inspiration. I wasn’t an original on the “bandwagon for HBCU attendance” as a graduating high school senior, but I think somewhere in between an Uncle’s dying wish, School Daze, an AUC campus tour, and just wanting to get the hell out of Baltimore I found my way to Atlanta and to CAU, where I met and feel in love with my now husband. After leaving to come back to Maryland for three years to have our daughter, we found our way back to GA with sparkles of promise for our future gleaming in our eyes.

We still see glimpses of Black promise here, but it’s tainted and diminishing against the bright, bold lights of “black holly-hood reality TV prospects” who parade themselves half-naked around Lenox Mall, so much so that I have to now deem the Mall as “Inappropriate” and unacceptable to take my 13-year-old just to go shopping for a family day out. So I think we’ve got our work cut out for us. The issue however, speaks to something much larger than black cultural pride of a city or the lack thereof, what I think we are seeing now are the effects of moral compromise in lieu of fortune and fame. When those are the choices whose really going to choose moral character? We live in a get noticed now generation, where if you act an ass it’s guaranteed money, fame, and a potential movie role, a clothing line, a basketball team, and let’s not forget a record deal and people just don’t care anymore how they get it just so long as they get “IT”.

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