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Celine Dion covers Adele putting the Dion spin on it …Madonna covers Gaga and…

Any artist worth their salt knows that in order to secure longevity in this day and age one must not only be great, entertaining, trending, liked on FB, flawless, and damn near close to perfection they must also above all stay relevant. Such is seen with two of the most entertaining and talented artist of our time.

Musically Celine Dion is perfection. If you have ever had the enormous opportunity to catch her on her most recent stint in Vegas at Caesars Palace you could attest, just as sure as I can to it being an experience like none other. By the time my Mom and I left our seats we felt as though we had been on a whirlwind of emotional, both highs and lows ending with tear stains down our cheeks. Are we sappy perhaps, but only musical genius and vocal clarity given by Heavens angels could evoke such strong and powerful emotions. To put it simply…I am a fan, so when the story broke that Celine Dion (and I often say her name with French conviction) was getting hit with anything short of praise for her rendition of Adele’s Rolling in The Deep, I was shocked to say the least. I am also a huge Adele fan. I think that she offers something raw, and God given as well. So is it flattery that one of the world’s greats admires another great who is also immensely talented in her own right? I would think so but again who am I? I think on this like I think about any of the Celebs today. There is obviously more than enough to go around, because they seem to get richer, ticket prices seem to be shooting astronomically through the sky and we seem to be catching the brunt of all of it…with no lavish vacation waiting for us at the end of each tour. Why do I care again? Oh that’s right I’m the one writing this. Well on to the next one and how about you be the judge. “Rolling in the Deep” Adele or Dion? I have to say I do love Adele singing Adele, but I couldn’t see Adele killing the Heart Will Go On either so there it is.

Madge VS Gaga 

Okay clearly we have a case of Clash of the Titans. These two have been “not so covertly” slinging criticisms at one another for like how long already? They need to get a room and a therapist who can tell them…“The people love both of you, equally, you’re still important, and if we split it’s not because of you but us”. Enough already how much more do you need to know you’re worth it?  

Message to Madonna: You still reign supreme, you managed to top charts, cross barriers of so many things we won’t even get into here, simply out of love and respect, Hell you even get to be British when you feel; but let the younger chick have this one okay? Don’t overshadow her fame or steal her thunder. What if an elder you, when you were younger you had done that to you? I’m sure you caught your fair share of ribbing and hell but there was no other you when you came. You’re an original meaning there can be only one, we get it. We know that if not for you there would really be no Gaga as we know her today…So she has to give that to you and respect the doors that you opened so that she could feel free to walk through them wearing meat  

The Moral of Today’s Story Is:

  • Stop being Diva’s
  • Do your job
  • There’s more than enough for everyone to get a piece
  • Without You there’s no Me?
Since you Kitty’s can’t get it together watch how it’s done~ Meow 

“Move out the way Divas, Kitty Madison is on the prowl”

See how it’s done!