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Hey Fellas…Do you know what to do when a woman’s fed up?

My best and most sane advice to you would be to get the hell outta her way! As a person who genuinely cares about other people, I come from the most sincere and honest place when I tell you that we must treat one another very carefully. I believe that most of us should go back and take a refresher Pre-K course in kindness, decency, honesty, and all around treating others as you wish to be treated. For some reason from Pre-K to adulthood those lessons get lost somewhere, but nonetheless are more applicable at the onset of maturity. It is customary to lose somethings in adulthood, you know like the ability to calculate square roots, or the absolute inability to retain anything you learned during quantitative analysis, or perhaps that’s just me?      How is it the kids are getting it better than us? Aren’t we supposed to be the teachers?


 Okay, well perhaps we’re not. I will be the first to say however that of course I realize that kids don’t always get along and likewise men and women are not always at one another’s throats. There are actually moments that we do in fact come together,  I’m wondering though if a study can be done to see if those times of “peacefully retreating” to neutral corners is something successfully accomplished more during moments of extreme horniness or, could it be that just on our own we are actually capable of getting along to achieve a lifetime of unity? It would be interesting to find out, because it seems to be a constant in the history of male/female relationships that there is a chronic case of combativeness. Why in the hell can’t we get along? People have been trying to figure this one out for centuries it seems. I can’t speak to the issue from a man’s perspective, but only from what I’ve experienced and observed. What can be appreciated however, is the need to revisit those simplistic early lessons learned during childhood; “do unto others as you would have them do to you Luke 6:31 Bible”.

 Fellas! Did you know that it is actually possible to be kind to a woman and still get your needs met? In fact here is the big secret that your ego won’t let you enjoy, as it happens women on average respond “more” to kindness than ignorance, or brute force. When a woman knows that she is heard or even feels as though she has been listened to; *(notice I’m making a distinction here: there is a difference between knowing you’ve been heard versus one just performing an act of listening. You can listen and have it not penetrate to the level of really hearing) she will more than likely overwhelm you with attention in return. But here’s the thing, when she does give you that attention please be receptive.I’m sure most women would love to know, as I’m positive most at some point  have experienced that some men seem to have a serious need for attention, as we all do, but men specifically have a need to be validated, and assured that they have a place in the lives of their woman. The irony that causes the disconnect is that once a woman gives that attention, men then seem to turn off and switch channels WHY THE HELL IS THAT?

Here in lies some very specific problems in male/ female relationships:

  • Too many mind games i.e. playing hard to get, not really letting someone all the way in, for fear of being too transparent.
  • A lack of true self-actualization therefore causing one to not even be able to get to a place of transparency because you don’t know who your are to begin with, and if you don’t know who you are how in the hell is someone supposed to know how to relate to you?
  • Expecting too much from one person, and wanting to withdraw more than is deposited; this always leads to a negative (take my word for it)
  • Insecurities, insurmountable insecurities (those which are self imposed and outwardly directed) can cause distrust, panic, and an inability to love and be loved freely
  • An incapacity to allow ones-self to be deserving of love

All of these things can cause such a huge breakdown in our ability to sustain successful relationships. But all of this aside because I find it rare that many people are even concerned about getting into the marrow of relationship dynamics for the goal achieving sustainable loving partnerships beyond a certain point anyway. The main thing that I want to address is the simple practice of just being decent towards one another.

Relationships get messy. Selfishness, and self preservation play a huge part in why our relationships are so messy. Everybody is fighting to win. Instead of enjoying one another it often seems like we are working harder to fight against one another in a battle for our own lives.

Fighting Dirty-  

In my experience I have found that some men have a very ambiguous fighting method in relationships. It usually comes across as unintended, not meaning to “stir the pot”, or “rock the boat”, or piss you off or anything that would actually cause a woman to actually react to an offense or to something that she is not happy with. By excusing these offenses with those sentiments, I believe that it serves as a way for men to deflect accountability. In a way what men are saying is “well I can’t help that you got offended, mad or upset by what I said or did, that was your fault for getting angry”. They have a way of being a little less than sensitive in this regard. *But I’ve gotta say that any guy who really wants to succeed in a relationship with a woman this is not the right approach. Recusing yourself from your own intentions, or starting a fire and then saying “well it wasn’t me”, once you see that sucker burning, or pissing your woman off then blaming her anger on her emotions, “that time of the month” or her inability to be flexible just isn’t going to get it. It’s fighting dirty. It’s abdicating your responsibilities for the part that you truly have to play in a relationship and laying them down all on the side of one person. In that moment when you do this you are truly operating in selfishness and when self is the motivating force no one wins, and everybody gets hurt.

Endless Role Models in Selfish Behavior- 

There are plenty of male role models for selfish behavior. Likewise these role models often make great examples for what not to do in relationships. Ultimately their selfish motivates cause great pain, and distrust in their relationships which often lead to the woman in their lives letting all hell break loose in what would have been an otherwise good plan to have your cake and eat it too:

awesome athlete, husband…not so much

Still love him btw

I think we all know what     happened here

Do I really have to go on?

The LIST is endless with men especially men in power who through selfishness and greed and wanting what they think is “it all”, abuse the women in their lives. They abuse their trust, their vows, friendship, most important they abuse the most sacred thing that I believe a woman has to offer and that’s her love.  Don’t you guys know that when a woman opens up her heart and lets you in, that you have just unlocked the door to all that can be right in life? The pleasure of a “good woman”, is a rare treasure. It can be heaven on earth for men, but instead of being happy with who you’ve found, the minute a hint of upset or challenge hits, you forget how to cope and you run and hide or seek refuge in another lesser woman, or lesser company with “friends” who enable or “help” you to deal. Don’t you see that you are setting yourself up for extreme failure and ultimately the same fate that followed these otherwise great men and well accomplished men. Now, I didn’t have to use celebrities or public figures as an example, as I am sure that you can recall more than your own fair share of average guys that have fallen from a woman’s grace only to end up scraping his face off the floor from a drunken stupor born from self-pity over “losing the only true love he ever had”. Boo hooo no one wants to hear it now because there have been plenty examples of what not to do, and even more on what to do, if only you would LISTEN!

When A Woman’s Fed Up!

My question to men would be, why is it that after you have satisfied your urges or chased after your conquest, or were fully led by your emotions; why is it that you think there would be absolutely no repercussions for having done so? Are you really so shocked by the state of your lives post dumb ass behavior? If so, why? Question for John Edwards: “After you slept with Rielle, and went in raw, and got her pregnant, and knew that your wife was dying and still set in to motion all of the things that happened, did you really expect for your life to have a happy turn around”? Men of power, I guess what I want to know is, if you know that creating power or success in your life takes creating specific goals then actions in order to yield to a specific outcome of success, the success you hoped for, then why don’t you also understand that those same laws apply to all bad outcomes as well?

  • When you place your “member” in someone other than your wife, that is a direct action setting a course for all hell to break loose in your life.
  • When you ignore your girlfriend or wife after she has asked you repeatedly to call if you’re going to be late or just check in and let her know where you are, and you don’t; just know to expect all hell to break loose.
  • When you repeatedly cheat on your wife and screw over the women with whom you have been doing the cheating, and you then go back home to your wife and ignore or pretend that you’ve done nothing, just please do expect for her to chase your ass down with a 9 iron and knock your freakin tooth out. Just know you had it comin, because when a woman is fed up, she is going to react, just like anyone would.

The best thing you can hope to do is just get the hell outta her way. That’s my advice to you, take it or leave it, but if you’re in the midst of pissing off the woman in your life based off some shit that you’ve started you can’t say you weren’t warned. Don’t you realize that women have been so notorious for jacking up a man’s stuff that they had to go and create a network just to display it… LIFETIME & LMN, TV show Snapped. Just think about it,  and while you do that let’s take a look at some women who men have every right to be afraid of.

Women Who Got Their Revenge-

Breaks my heart, but she broke his bank

She looked sweet didn’t she? Again when a woman’s fed up, put away the damn golf clubs

#1 All time reason to not F with a woman when she’s had enough goes to…Bobbit yes Lorena Bobbit                  

I believe that part of their Peace Treaty was that his ass had to agree to a lifetime of doing whatever it takes for her to become President 😉


So, Solution: Just be kind, be decent, be honest to the woman your with and she will have no need to put her incredible talents and energy into ruining your world. If you find yourself at a place in life where those things are just too impossible to adhere to, just end things and go deal with yourself, and I’ll leave you with this little diddy~  

Can you tell me what the hell happened here? Was she fed up, extreme case of needing to just get out while there is still time: Police identify woman accused of driving over boyfriend.

Now that I think of it, I’m getting a little fed up with some things myself~ I’ll take it out at the range ;(). Til next time M.K.