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A message to all reality television FEMALES

Basketball Wives

Basketball Wives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why are you wasting your life with such frivolousness? ( I’m speaking to us the viewers, and reality stars alike).

Specifically BASKETBALL WIVES, you are just absolutely horrible. I hardly ever watch this mess but I thought since I was up really late that I would cut on the TV and just see what was on, big mistake. You guys are grown ass women and some things are just not okay anymore.

A Message to Tammy- TAMMY what the F–K is wrong with you woman???? Being the age I am, I was around to see you make your public debut on MTV’s The Real World.  I watched you even back then be just as disturbed as you are now.

(I think you may be worse now :()

I tried giving you the benefit of doubt when we all saw that you were really battling through things in your past. But I personally am sick of it already. To say that you are working you through things but just aren’t there yet, and then proceed to spew your pain and evil onto other people, means that you need a social time out, because you aren’t “there yet”. Go commit yourself, or better yet take your ass to REHAB isn’t that the Hollywood thing to do. But why should we stand by and watch you get paid and build this reputation as a notorious BITCH who because of where she is from people should just know not to F–K with? Well my ass is from Baltimore but I’m not running around selling myself to be kin to Stringer Bell from The Wire. Don’t you have children? You are a DAMN BULLY

And for the rest of you chicks to stand around this woman and watch another grown ass woman bully someone all of you have problems and don’t deserve shit but to be on the streets. You know, out there where people really depend on the kindness of strangers? I am so pissed to have ever witnessed something like this on television. If you guys relate so much to the street and to the projects then just stay there. Don’t knife fight your way or better still F–K your way into the pockets of athletes just so that you can stay exactly how the hell you’ve always been! Even with money your true character comes through. If you were a jerk before money, then you’re an even bigger jerk with money!

Too much time and money makes you think of dumb shit like this

I am not one of those women who look to any of these ladies as role models, or “*Herald them as Landmarks-(please refer to the Catty Kitty glossary of terms)” just because they have means, and access to others of notoriety, but the very fact that you are on my TV is reason enough for me to be pissed. Why is VH1 keeping you on the air acting like some crazy ass hood chicks…oh that’s right because salacious bullshit is what brings in ratings. TV like the rest of anything else that brings profit in the U.S. breeds hypocrisy.

We fight hard to eradicate bullying in schools among kids, but then we give it airtime and praise women who have a modicum of recognition for portraying the very thing that we tell our children not to do. What in the hell is wrong? That’s the very reason why we can’t get things together in this country because who would we be without our problems and our causes that aid in the steady bank-flow for specialized causes? We ourselves have created the need for so many special interest groups, and advocacy programs. As long as we keep our problems (i.e. bullying, preventative chronic diseases, uncontrolled guns etc.) then there will always be something to fight for or against.

For instance is it cheaper to cure the disease or just treat it? For any big pharmaceutical industry I’m sure anyone can tell you that if everyone gets cured then they will stop making $$$ right? I believe this applies to almost all of the issues here in this country. If fight to get rid of bullies, then won that fight where then would all of those advocacy groups go, and the money, and movies, and initiatives that have sprouted up for this cause in particular?

If we were really truly against seeing anyone bullied then why in the hell display it on your network? huh VH1?

To Evelyn, yes Tammy was DEAD ASS wrong for ever being in Kesha Nicolas’ face that way. But it would take a lot more time on WordPress to deal with you and you’re disgrace this season. In no other scenario would that have ever been excepted. You guys have acted a got damn fool this season and I need you all to not represent the female culture this way. Especially not as group of women who are supposed to have any real status and influence. Personally I find you to be guttural, and simply not worth my time. You ladies are not grown women but still very much so the antithesis of the “mean girl” high school experience that most girls try to avoid.It may be cool to have that status as a teenager to ward off challengers as to establish yourself as head cheerleader in charge, but is that still the same character that you wish to evoke as grown ass women in 2012? Chicks that is so outta style, low-budget and low-class. Wake up women to this year of 2012, and understand that we all must co-exist. People at every turn are loosing houses, can’t find jobs, marriages are falling apart, kids are being bullied, killed, and thrown in jail. People can’t eat after they’ve dedicated 20+ years in certain industries. People, real people around the world can’t feed themselves let alone children that they have, they don’t have fresh water to bathe not to mention even to just waste for hours on end for a shower, a facial a whatever indulgence that you currently take for granted.

Things other women around the world really have to worry about

And I’m sure you can say, B shut up because you don’t know what “charities” I support. Let me just say, to that I say “please and give me a break”. I guess in short what I’m trying to say is that “real people, not on TV” are hurting, and ya’ll worried about someone dishonoring your name! It’s like really who are you The GodFather Don Corleone   or freakin Scarface  (both of whom I love and respect; see they had real Empires to protect and defend). What comes next you start conflict resolution by issuing out a hit on a chick? This is ridiculous. The only thing that matters is what we see and right now what I see is a sad excuse for five grown as women who think that they fly above the radar. Get the hell off my television.

  BTW who in the hell are guys married to again? 

Shit I’m pissed- Goodnight~M.K.