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  Girls– And I loosely quote Episode 2:  “I’m almost 22 and I’ve never had sex!”, “I don’t have a fear of contracting AIDS I have a fear of contracting HIV that leads to AIDS I’m not stupid”; “It’s because of all the stuff that seeps out around the condoms that makes me scared”;”Is it painful? Yea but in the way it’s supposed to be”. Okay…

I blogged the other week about the new abc show “Don’t trust the B in Apartment 23“, but I think we have another one. Granted I missed the first episode of Girls last week and I am catching it second episode in of this new and “exciting” series by HBO, and already I’m not sure how I feel about this one either. For me Sex in the City was an easy sell. New York City, mature sexy independent women take on men, friendship, careers, family and everything in between. It was new. It was exciting and it was creative. Ultimately it was humanity smothered in Glamour. Every show since has been meagerly chasing the tail of SITC.

 Okay, I do know that we can’t stay in the past, reminiscing everything good thing. We have to embrace the new and give credit to the way paved by boldness and the innovation of former shows that broke the mold. But I think that there is this fine line that can be crossed once a ground breaking movement has hit where everything that comes after is simply a hyped up failed attempt at chasing glory, and in essence isn’t that also trying to “live in the past”?

I believe that when creators of new shows try to recapture that same “wow factor” that shows like Desperate Housewives, or Sex In The City had, then they lose sight of the direction that new shows should be headed. They should beg the questions: “Well since SITC was so out there and in your face and sex obsessed and aided in liberating the sexual movement for females across the globe, does that necessarily mean that we stay in that same vein, or do we then challenge the direction and scale it back a bit, or take it in a new direction entirely?” “Do we have to create SITC 2.0?”


Maybe the new movement isn’t surrounding women and sex be they in their 20’s or 50’s. Perhaps just maybe women deal with much, much larger scaled issues besides sex in our 20’s, 30′, 40’s, and 50’s and on. We get it already women like to get off just as much as men, always have, always will. We love it, we think about it, we talk about it; nothing new under the freakin sun.

Don’t get me wrong sex is well… sex and it’s great and everyone loves to talk about it, and just freakin admit it, they love to look at it (which is frankly why HBO keeps showing it), but in 2012 we have just began to skim the surface on quality topics surrounding the female culture. We have crossed that threshold were what is being shown on television has earned the new tag line of “Smut Sells”.

I guess I should give credit to the movement of liberating American women, and girls towards opening the conversation of sex, but please television it’s time to feature so much more of what we have to offer. Time to ELEVATE the conversation. Because what we do have to offer goes so much deeper than what is between our legs  .

I fear that what the world truly fears is that once we do get the attention off our bodies then they will really have to face what is in between our ears, and who in the hell ever really wants to admit that women have superior power not just in sex but also in intellect!   

P.S. I am not a sexist

Til Next Time~M.K.