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The beat and the rhythm of The Conversation is so inspiring! I watched with a very curious approach I’ve gotta say. Not really being too sure of what to expect; seeing as how Amanda de Cadenet is pretty much unknown to those who aren’t of the “Celebrity” in crowd, or if you’re not an avid fan of the Strokes as many who are would know that she is married to Nick Valensi who is the guitarist for the Strokes

  After seeing a few promo’s and my all time favorite chick Jane Fonda I was kind of in there, front and center for Lifetime’s newest homage to girl power. Of course it never hurts knowing that brilliant and powerful Demi     was also behind this project. I decided that this would be one show worth checking out. Especially after suffering a string of upsets with the most recent new shows to hit television. I was all set to take a major hiatus, which would not have been a bad thing because clearly I have way more important things to focus on (such as, yes scratching my ass):

 The attempts made by network giants like abc’s (Don’t trust the B in Apartment 23 and yes I am still on this for those of you who read last weeks blog post) and Vh1’s (Basketball, Football, Hip Hop ruthless wives shows), Bravo’s (Not so Housewives of Atlanta, Bev Hills etc..) and HBO’s Girls to all create these new “women’s Lib.”, empowering to a fault, say anything, corrupt a new generation of girls directed programming; I was reluctant to think that there would ever truly be real, honest, gut wrenching empowering shows for women…like ever. But alas I think I’ve found it.

In this first episode alone the dialogue between the women (and no everyday chicks might I add) we’re talkin Gwyneth Paltrow, Jane Fonda, Zoe Saldana, and Sarah Silverman all jammed into an hour of powerful banter. I wanted to say oh well this is nothing new I have these conversations with my girls, but I realized I’ve been missing my girls (two in particular). It can not be taken for granted the powerful connection of women. The ability that we have to learn from one another and to empower one another with our diverse perspectives on love, life, the world, and each other.


You know maybe you aren’t like me. Maybe you have your power circle near you and you have no need to curl up to the biggest chick network and work out your major life issues with a bottle of good wine and this latest show, but so the hell what. For right now I think this show has a beat and a good pulse. It’s warm and edgy and insightful all at the same time. Fonda drops some seriously deep insight and Zoe has a way of being so honest it really made me take an uncomfortable introspection of some things I felt best to just overlook (thanks Zoe…Not). No really I think this show will do very well and I just wanted to put my 2 cents out there because really as it states, this is the only blog that matters and if you’re reading well that’s on you, clearly you’ve got my opinion now right? (JK, you know I’m JKing)

The Conversation makes you want to get in touch with your inner stripper and inner activist and have one big pole dancing party! Hey maybe I should the next time it airs 😉   for now I am satisfied knowing that there is hope after all. I wanted to cry and laugh then answer that infamous question that de Cadenet poses at the end…“What is your favorite position”? I know mine, BTW what is yours?

Nighty Night Bloggers! 

With love from Maddie's desk! ~