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A Message To My Neighbors:

Okay occasionally I write these posts just for me. Just to vent and right now I need to bitch about people who refuse to get a grip on life or refuse to get a life in general. So…this is my dog

 Guess what!!! She pees and every now and then she may wonder over and pee in your lawn. SHUT THE FUCK UP about it!

I know there are a lot of people out there who will see the point of my neighbors who btw are NOT dog people. Trust me I get it, not everyone is an animal lover, but guess what…not all animals are people lovers either and really who can blame them when most people in fact themselves are not people lovers.

People, with all of our indifference, intolerance, indecision, absolute inability to see past ourselves…“what I want…what I need“… enough to even care for the person in the house right next to you.

I mean no wonder you don’t take the time out to understand something that is not of your species when you won’t take the time to even care for your own family, neighbors and dare I say more often now than in times past, your own children. But hey if your mission in life is to be a total self servicing, back biting, intolerant human-being than keep up the good work! But if by chance you want to understand that there is beauty in the world and sometimes that beauty comes on four legs then there are millions of beautiful friends out there waiting to give you unconditional, unyielding, selfless love.

Something tells me that they are God’s way of teaching us how we should love one another, how to be patient with one another and how to be tolerant. You have a problem with a little unintentional urination (that happened one time) well I have a problem with the fact that your kids roll up on my damn drive way and play and leave their damn toys!


I have a problem with the fact that they leave said toys not only right on the drive way but behind my damn car! I also have a problem with the fact that they ring my door bell five times a week looking to play with my child because you’re too lazy to get off your preoccupied asses and entertain them. And yes…dare I say it, I have a problem with the fact that when you drive your ass down the street of our neighborhood to your home that you do so at 40 miles per hour (at a 10 mph zone), threatening the lives of your very own damn children.

But most of all I’m tired of your dumb ass ignorance; but do I say anything No because I’m patient, and tolerant…. I wonder who I could have learned that lesson from?


Thanks for listening!

Sorry to be such a B! :() Maddie