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This is a post about the recent HEADLINES that the media decides to issue because for some reason they think that we care. Of course it is presumptuous of me to just assume that you all will feel the same way that I feel about most of these stories, but isn’t that essentially what they are doing as well? Do they go out and poll the stories that interest people most, perhaps for some stories but for the majority it’s usually a stellar publicist behind those “famous” faces that we tend to see most often in the media. Can we begin with the recent news about PIPPA MIDDLETON being the first topic that I am puzzled as to why it’s occupying my brain space; perhaps while we’re at it, can I just add why is anything or anyone Monarch taking up my interest at all?

The Girl most famous for wearing a dress that showed off her ass:

 Is this a CAUSE CELEB? I think not. Granted she looks well appointed in her white gown. She is the sister of a “Celeb”, famous for what I’m not exactly sure, but nonetheless she is the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge. Now perhaps for some out there this is reason enough to earn that most coveted title of “famous” but for me I beg the question; Why in the hell should we care? Trust me I am not a hater of the Royals. I was one of the original Princess Diana fans but I believe that she was a woman who transcended her “title” and became who she was meant to become. I believe that this would have been achieved with or without the title of Princess. I also believe that Princess Kate has it in her to rise to the occasion to become a very special woman in her own rite. But can we please get f’ing real for a sec. The “world” (or the world according to E! News, Entertainment Tonight, and Access Hollywood) is all a flutter because Sister to the Princess is out partying like she is part of the cast of Animal House  

Please again reveal why we all should take a break from our lives and pay attention to Pippa Middleton? Is it because she is a normal girl thrust suddenly into a make believe world of importance? Is it because her sister married an “important” man of the world? Is it because she drove in a car with a man who wanted to goof off and act like an ass or is it because you asked us to give a shit? Bingo!!! I think I landed on something. Yes it’s simply because a “story” broke and you asked us night after night to give a crap about her partying, and driving with fools. Well guess what? I’ve partied before and I’ve driven with fools, I don’t recall it being breaking news; but oh yes I forgot I’m just me. Well I’m sorry, Pippa is simply Pippa. The same person she was before her sister scored one of the sought after men in the world.

I get it, she’s “famous’ by association as many are today, but please let’s not act as if there is a standard that comes with that. I heard a journalist (and I use the term very loosely) say “I wonder will she go on down that same path that Sarah Ferguson found herself on?”, well I’m sure if you guys have anything with writing her narrative then she will. But for now should we give a Sh–?

      Let me also say that here is a woman who I adore (Sarah). I love that basically through her entire life she thumbed her nose up at the establishment and lived life on her own terms. I think that we’ll be seeing the same from this new set of “Royals”. After all who creates these damn standards that we expect anyway? It’s not as if any normal folks are upholding these same moral standards, or is it just simply because we are so content with voyeurism that we’ve also become content with watching them live out the very things that we should also hold ourselves accountable for? Does that make sense? Well, what I’m asking is why are we expecting more of them than we expect of ourselves? Why have we simply abdicated our dreams, and responsibilities on to people we don’t even know? Why do we care more about their lives then our own? If your answer is…woe is me don’t you know my life is soooo boring, it’s nothing but bills, work, kids, bills, stress, work, and bills, and their lives are soooo much more entertaining? Then to that I’d say get off your ass and make something of the ONLY life that you’re going to have, and become your own interesting story!

     Hell I ain’t never mad she’s showing you how its’s done: Party Royal style. I mean wouldn’t you if you could?

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   Please, Please stop forcing the Kardashians on EVERYONE

OPEN WIDE-Now Eat Up! 

Open Your Mouth and Take It

"Can't hide from us if you tried"!

Now I’m sure some of you might say that I might have a serious case of just needing to cut off the television, and I’m not going to argue with that, but what I will say is that in those moments when I do wish to cut on my T.V and get a dose of non-importance I do just ask that the Kardashians not be the FIRST face on TV that I see. I think I’ve had my fill of the Love Me, Need Me, Want Me…Era of the Kardashian empire. I will however give it to Mama Kardahsian, she did the damn thing in building way beyond the brand. But now we have hit the moments of over kill, especially when I am sitting and watching TV and I hear that Kim is running for Mayor of a place other than Self-CenterVille USA… Are you freakin kidding me? I am never mad at sista’s who go out and find a “good” way to make dat paper but just not at my time and my expense please!!!


Oh Yes Sears shoppers we want you too!!! We don't discriminate

I think that what we are witnessing is one of the first Familial unit progressions from celebrity brand into simply annoying telemarketers. I feel like they have become the people you want to hang up on! Wow

I mean we have had to watch Kim sachet her (non-dancing) ass on Dancing with the Stars, then cut to enduring Rob’s attempt at the win. We’ve gone with them from fake animal rescue attempts, to boring bouts of piano sex with Scott and Kourtney, all the way to fake ass weddings (which personally takes the cake for me)

So really who’s the fool here? Clearly the answer is those of us who are watching. Would anyone who has a hand out ever say NO to the person giving away the $$$? Hell No!

So if you’re still watching let me know if Ms.Kardashian in fact becomes the next Mayor of Glendale, California, because I quit!

Exhausted But Your’s Madison,

"Hot off the presses"