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So Okay, I’m sure I will piss off many by saying that I’m not sure where television is headed these days but it seems like the same place my waste goes, down the toilet. I also know that I will further sound like some pre-historic relic by saying that I don’t like the direction that television is headed….At ALL! Now granted there are some brave new shows on TV that have definitely succeeded in helping to shape and change our world view and have also aided in an overall desensitization of our collective conscious. Not sure if you know it or not, but TV has done a good job in changing whatever you thought you once took a strong stand for or against. When we watch what we watch we are essentially asleep at the wheel of our lives and the positions we ultimately take in life, all simply because we want to be entertained.

While there is nothing wrong with being entertained at all, we have to remember to be ALWAYS awake and aware of the trance we all full susceptible to when we’re watching the boob tube. With that said what in the hell do you make of abc’s new show, Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23?

When starting my own veg fest in front of the TV for Wednesday night rituals that include catching up on abc’s comedy best I swore out, nay I promised myself that I would not watch this new show. I didn’t want to become invested in yet another unscrupulous, void of all human emotion and totally socially ambivalent sitcom featuring the latest who’s whoever they deem noteworthy actress of the moment. Well despite my best efforts to ignore this show, I couldn’t help but see what all the freakin hype was about. They kept saying in the promos…”You think you know what the new abc show is all about well you don’t know”, so I tuned in.

 So what I thought the show would be about was abc’s  most recent attempt to capture a new generation of independent, know it all, take the world and underworld (i.e. New York City which is my favorite city btw so calm down) by it’s balls and flip it on it’s ear; lady leaders. Depicting them as lude, crude, rude say whatever do whatever to whomever they feel. I thought, here we go again now that the censored hinges have been loosed as it gets harder and harder to shock the general populous the networks are going to have to go to any lengths for shock and awe.

After realizing that James Van Der Beek would be blessing this show with his best known for Dawson’s Creek swag I thought how could I not tune in. I mean who didn’t love Paula Cole’s unforgettable opening to the show that capture and helped to define a generation of drifting young adults? How many of us tuned in to watch Dawson lament of his choice to express his unrequited love for Joey against his passion for becoming the next Steven Spielberg? So once I saw him on an interview describing his new character as being him at a more vulgar expression I thought who wouldn’t want to see that? I mean we did just watch Doggie Howser do a complete I’m coming out routine and then proceed to exhibit his most common character with How I Met Your Mother…Right? So why wouldn’t it work for the Beek?


After JVB described the shows leading actress Krysten Ritter by saying if Sex Pistol’s Syd Vicious and I Love Lucy’s Lucille Ball got drunk and had a love child together it would be Krysten…

       EQUALING   I thought if nothing else this was such an interesting description of a person that I had to tune in and see if this show was in fact something new, and something witty and far beyond what I expected…But it wasn’t. It was Colorful, it was Brash, it was small country girl with bright lights and big city dreams Felicity revisited. But most of all it was unabashedly the void of written creativity, vulgar to a fault and just not really that entertaining.  I did however love the new character on Dawson oops my bad… James Van Der Beek!

 I’m not trying to tell you if you should or should not in fact trust the B in Apartment 23 but I will say it will be hard for me to trust that there will ever be real creativity in TV again and that’s my word!

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