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I was in a waiting room today, the only place in the world where you will find a Newsweek Magazine and I stumbled across an article about a woman who used an abortion pill and was arrested.

The woman, Jennie McCormack already has 3 children and the father of the unborn child had just been arrested.  Jennie was living on $250 in child support and was unemployed.  She decided that she could not make things worse for her current children and she had no choice but to terminate her pregnancy.

Jennie lived in predominately Mormon Pocatello, Idaho and the closest clinic that would provide the abortion was in Salt Lake City.  She couldn’t afford the trips back and forth (she would have to go twice) so she opted for an online abortion pill that her sister helped her to find and purchase.

Okay, so far I was reading the article and saying to myself, “this poor dumb woman”, she should have never gotten herself in this position with all of the problems that she already had!  But hold on to your seat, it gets worse!

So Jennie gets the pills and takes them, only problem is that you have to be up to 12 weeks to take the pills and she was more like 18-21 weeks.  The fetus was large and when she passed it she was traumatized!  She placed the fetus in a box and tried to bury it.  WHAT?!  Why the hell does this always happen in these weird midwest stories?  Then, her sister that helped her get the pills in the first place calls the police on her and she is arrested because Idaho has a lesser known, hardly ever used law that states that a woman can be arrested for inducing their own abortion.  Nevermind the fact that she tried to bury Mini Me!

The court system is considering this a huge case, the NEW Roe v. Wade.  The argument is that Idaho law makes it impossible for a financially strapped woman to get an abortion by zoning out abortion clinics and making it unlawful to force their own abortion.

You know what I am angry about, the fact that dumb ass Jenny put herself in that position in the first place.  Seriously Jenny, do they not have condoms in Idaho?  When you had that third child were you rich and lost your money on internet investments?  One things for sure, Jenny sure knows how to pick’em.  Three kids and only $250 in child support and baby daddy no. 4 in jail.

Now, I agree that the laws in Idaho should be changed and that it is unfair that they have created loopholes that allow State government to be unjust.  But as usual, the system total puts a band-aid on the wounds of the world with covering up the truth… Jennie needs to get off her back and get a job.


Kasey “Kitty” Monroe~ Meow