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Okay here are my choices for Grammy 2012 fashions best-

But first let me say what in the hell is the whole Nicki Minaj thing about? Is she just trying to prove that most of Hollywood needs a freakin exorcism? I have always believed that they all need prayer so is she putting her Demons on display?

So for the picks:

#1 Hell I think  I need to choose this just for the sheer BALLS that it took to come out in something like this and you are not the A lister, go chick. I guess if you’re going to have Adam McHottie on your arm than you’d better bring it. Shit I ain’t mad. (Adam Levine and Anne V)


Fergie I love the difference that this outfit is bringing.


Katy Perry I love the consistency~ Bold and yet could have easily tilted on the side of a smurf but you pulled it off.


Rhianna Bold and Sexy, good and classic for Grammys


Alicia Keys because I love a good black dress and some fierce rocker chick hair!

Which were your Favs K?

Fashion Crazed!!!!~Madison

Kasey:  Hey Madison!
I agree with the stars that you picked as best dressed.  Although I love Fergie in the orange and she is stunning, I can’t help but laugh when I look at the granny panties she has on under her dress!  LOL!
I want to point out someone that I think is timeless and a fashionista that just wont quit!
Ms. Cindi Lauper!  You go girl!!
A few other ladies that I want to give best dresses:
Adele looked amazing!
Carrie Underwood VA VA VA VOOM!!!  I want that dress!
Kelly Rowland-I LOOOOVEE big hair and Ms. Kelly has got it!
All in all, the 2012 Grammys were AMAZING!  The performances were full of life with great dance routines from Chris Brown and Rihanna.  Paul Mcartney kept the party rocking and hosted by the timeless L.L. Cool J.  I think this is the first time I have ever watched it from beginning to end!