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   In Fact I think this FAKEOLIDAY Blows big freakin chunks. I am so tired of marketing GURU’s figuring out shit that sucks gullible Americans out of their hard earned, but easy to burn cash. Why don’t we see this shit coming? Or maybe everyone does see the point and just chooses to ignore it? I don’t know what the deal is but now more than ever it seems like people are starting to really ask, if this is a “holiday” that we can’t do without.

Now granted everyone probably gets to the point where they start to ask the questions where did Valentines originate or why do we celebrate this as a holiday to begin with? Well I can tell you… You know I started to write an elaborate explanation of where it originated then I thought, take your lazy ass to the History Channel site and read it the same way I did… Valentines Day! But to make a long story short the wonderful Catholic Church decided to recognize three guys who were named Valentine and make them patron saints. Any one of these saints could be the namesake of this holiday. One saint was known during the rule of Claudius in Ancient Rome as the Priest who defied the rulers law to ban all marriages for young men who were going off to war because he decided that unmarried soldiers made for better warriors.  So because Saint Valentine decided to disobey Claudius and perform the marriages for young lovers anyway he was put to death. The other guys basically had a romantic, heroic narrative behind their stories too which all ultimately lead to them being put to death and therefore being martyred in the spirit of love.

Fast forward like thousands of years to 2012 and me sitting here trying to figure out how this billions in dollars industry, that began in the middle ages off of something as organic as the notion of LOVE; ever became so watered down, muddied up and pitched to a Nation of people who find it hard on a good day to live fully in the merits of love, appreciation for one another, and gratitude for life in general?

They say that something like 85% of women account for all Valentines Day greeting cards sold in the US over the “Holiday”.  People! Please tell me why we need a freakin day to remind us when to love someone or how we should celebrate those who we are supposed to be loving and showing love towards everyday? Let me tell you now a phony gesture such as a heart shaped card with someone else’s declarations of eternal devotion followed up with another heart shaped box of chocolates given in the hopes of getting whatever you consider an “expression” of gratitude just because its Valentines Day ain’t gonna get it. I’m Sorry! This day in my opinion is played, Christmas is holding on by a thread. Not because of Jesus but because of the inevitable way that we have of monetizing and cheapening even the most organic of feelings and sacred beliefs. A price has been put on love and soon it will be packaged in an express bundle for the low low rate of $9.99 plus shipping and handling and you can totally buy and sell your love. But how about this for a novel concept, people try actually loving and showing love EVERYDAY, for free to the people you love while you have them here? Or does it cost too much of you to make that happen? Would it just be cheaper to have Hallmark, or 1-800-flowers.com (which by the way is this a freakin phone number or a damn website?), or better yet maybe Freddricks of Hollywood can tell you how to best express your love and appreciation for a quick and convinent price of just getting it over for just as long as it takes to pick out something cheap and tacky? How about we recipients of such thoughtless gifts of love and appreciation, dole out our “expressions” of gratitude of tacky heartless gifts, in as hands off a manner in which the “gifts” were purchased? I guess that means boys that you’ll be needing that bottle of lotion after all 😉

Happy Valentines Day! 

Smooches ~Madison Kelly