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You know with all the protest of Occupy Wallstreet, and fighting for rights to marry and rights to keep unions, and pensions, and houses, and fights for lower gas and lower food prices, better food in schools, government fighting with Catholic churches and schools to provide birth control and fighting for the right to do what we want when we want with our own female anatomy, its good to know with all this fighting something is actually being done and voices are being heard. The Komen foundation heard the protest of many small voices over the large influence of big political power and dollars and decided to overturn its decision to withdrawal funding to planned parenthood! Yeah, I think this is success, it is however unfortunate that the decision was ever made in the first place, but that in itself is a lesson to all those who think that we can be silent and put our weapons down and stop fighting. MESSAGE: WE CAN NOT SLEEP ON OUR RIGHTS.


Karen Handel Quits

Can we say good riddance Karen Handle and Thank God you did not become Governor of Georgia . It is my personal belief that you help to set back the feminist movement all the way back circa 1900. You state that it was not politically motivated but how would you even be able to decipher political motives against those of your own volition when I know they are one in the same. De-funding planned parenthood was the same dumbass platform that you ran on here in Georgia, and where Georgia voted and showed you, that was not the thing that was best for the people.  What in the hell led you to think that was an agenda to implement with the largest National Healthcare Provider that services lower-income women in need? Oh that’s right the mounting pressure undoubtedly coming from Powerful, Rich, Men in the Republican party who have always been pissed that funding goes to an organization that provides women with abortion counseling. MEN STAY THE HELL OUT OF A WOMAN’S VAGINA!!!!

In fact the only time you MEN should have any say in what goes in there is when you are there to satisfy, deliver our baby, or to perform a medical procedure other than that you have your own anatomy that you are still, after all of mans time on earth, learning how to navigate and control. I think you have your hands full (often times literally), in the mean time, get out of my BUSINESS!!!! You have no problem leaving women with most of the heavy lifting any other time, so how about you leave this one to us too!


~Your Catty Kitty, Madison Kelly

My word Miss Madison!!  Tell them how you REALLY feel!  I was getting concerned when I read the part about staying out of Women’s Vaginas until I read the next paragraph and breathed a sigh of relief!

Now as for Karen Handle, she has no idea of the significant need that still exists for Planned Parenthood and its current offerings.  In her lilly white world she had no understanding of why this funding is important for lower-income women.  I tell you what, if she were able to take it away and it worked she would be in a world of trouble when she looked around and saw all these multi-cultural brown babies that will indeed get funding to go to her children’s schools because the public schools are over populated.  I bet she would change her vote then.

Kasey “Kitty” Monroe