So I went to a NBA game last night and it was my first time with floor seats and VIP.  I thought that I would write about that tonight…wrong! 

There is a guy that I met at a bar where people go post game to relax and unwind.  He has always been very snobbish but in a charming way (don’t ask me how thats possible, ladies you know).  He pays full attention to me at the bar, I never reach for my wallet and he even offers my girlfriends drinks.  He also gets a little upset when he see’s me glancing at someone else.

I reached out to him a couple of times to suggest us hanging out one on one but either because of my schedule and MOSTLY because of his schedule we have never got it together.

Okay, so enough background.  I am at the game enjoying myself and loving life.  I’m looking great and feeling sexy and really getting a buzz from my Mai Tai when I look up in the audience and I see dude up there with his arm around another woman.  Not one that looks like me, but one of another race.  I know that it shouldn’t matter but as a woman we size up other woman from head to toe all the time but when they go in a totally different direction it leaves one perplexed.

I decided that I wasn’t going to extend myself to him because he already has his hands quite full.  But I can’t lie, when I saw the women I thought, I don’t know how to compete!  Is that a fetish/fantasy, is it a status thing, or does he really like her.  Either way, it doesn’t leave room for me, so I’m out!

But I want you to be honest, if you saw someone of interest out with another person and that person was of another race, is that a game changer?  Not a disqualifier, but simply does it change things a bit?  Let’s talk about it!

Kasey “Kitty” Monroe