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~To MIA: Okay chick, can we first say I believe that it was an honor for you to grace the stage with Ma…Madonna, Ma..Ma..Madonna (say it like she sings it). I was watching the damn halftime show and was thinking wow this is really going off without a hitch, not that I was expecting 50something year old Madonna (even though she is ,and I do need to say it for the record, still hot as hell and still moving her ass), but I wasn’t really expecting her to be salacious and come out in nipple rings or ass clamps  but she did her damn thing. She wasn’t going to be Madonna circa 1990’s. I believe that she wanted to use the Superbowl platform to showcase her “body of work” and not just her body this time. She wanted to really glorify the name that is Madonna. She used the younger “celebs”, Celo, Nicki Minaj, and MIA and a bevy of fast moving hip hop dancers  to do the dirty work for her. Although I truly believe that Madge had no idea that her youthful backups were acting a fool on National television,  I think its safe to say that I was okay without a dramatic Halftime show. I would have however been pissed if Madonna did do something and got away with it after Janet Gate A.K.A Superbowl 2004. The game this year was dramatic enough, all by itself, thanks to the actual players. Madonna rocked it! The images on the stage made me actually happy that I was watching it on television.


As for MIA I think you should turn to a mirror and do this to yourself  I don’t believe the stunt will help you become any better an artist. Let’s just hope you can come up with more creative ways to get noticed. Maybe something like this will help.

Let me guess what’s next for this stunt 2012… A published apology followed by a few more days in the media and constant coverage on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, E News, MTV, BET? Oh wow look at it… I guessed it http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/02/06/m-i-a-flips-the-bird-during-super-bowl-halftime-show-apologies-quickly-fly/

And so it begins


I don’t have much to say about this except….WHO THE HELL IS MIA!!  LOL!  Obviously she is a non mutha f’ing factor because I had NO CLUE who she was the whole time she was on stage.  I thought she was one of Nicki Manaj’s homegirls from around the way!    Too funny….