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  Okay Kasey I had to use my Madison’s mad face because there are several things that need to be addressed today and from this entire week overall that have just worked to chap my ass. Let’s just start with Politics I know we shouldn’t but this shit is like way out of control, between Planned Parenthood getting the kibosh put on their funding by the Komen foundation yes the Komen foudation so bye bye birth control for broke ass chicks, bye bye getting your boobs checked for cancer for chicks without health insurance can we say this was completely politically motivated, a republican congressional agenda at that. So I guess there could possibly be about 4 million unplanned pregnancies would you happen to be one? 

Okay J.K. but someone could be~

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/02/susan-g-komen_n_1250651.html  See this is why I know it is imperative to know who your local officials are, well enough of that for now.


The other topic that must be discussed is that performance by your girl Kim K, what the hell does she think we are? Stupid can be the only answer, to think that she would think we would fall for the okidoke that was supposed to be a real marriage. Can I just say that as one who is painfully going through all that marriage is REALLY about both the good and the bad of it, I am overwhelmingly offended by her and hell by the rest of Hollywood for the easy outs that they take in marriage and for just making the whole act as absurd and as fake as her age (31 yeah right) . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT8pCv0e5xcKim Kardashian  Really Chick

I know I won’t hear from your ass because you’re moving right now but the public awaits your comments on these special topics until then, Peace!


I am back from the black hole of moving day and I must agree with you on Kim Kardashian.  “Who does she think we are” is what you ask?  She doesn’t know who we are, the regular public.  She has been raised and surrounded herself with so many selfish rich kids like herself all of her life that she thinks she is “normal”  because she is less self absorbed than Ray J.

Then, they want to make us feel like they are down to earth by doing charity on the same episode that they give Kendall a birthday party that would make a bride to be blush.   They need to JUST SIT DOWN!!

EVERYTHING is fake about them, even their conversations.  I knew that there was something wrong with the conversation that Kim had with Kris Jenner and this website has tried to debunk it (below).  BUT I would go one step further and say, listen to the tone in which Kim talks when the camera is on her and when it is on Kris.  It’s different right?  Which leads me to believe that they added dialog to this clip before it’s airing.

You be the judge:

Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner Allegedly Faked Conversation About Kim’s Marriage Disaster