“Kasey~did you hear that X Factor just got rid of Paula and Nicole Scherzinger oh and it’s Ryan Seacrest wanna be host Steve Jones?


So sad but what is that all about? Well if I had to guess one would probably say that perhaps they didn’t bring enough of “it” to the judges panel. Perhaps in Simon’s efforts to compete with his other very profitable show, of course that being American Idol maybe he feels like he needs to bring in the type of judges that the other show is pulling. But let’s see which show has he most ratings.

X-Factor vs. American Idol - H 2011

The X-Factor appeals to the 18-49 set and in 2011 their highest ratings were at 9.9 million in viewers according to the Hollywood Reporter (you can try to quote me on that but hey anything over 1 million lets me know that we are already way too invested in other people making their own dreams come true) I mean honestly I was all in for American Idol like the first few seasons but I think I fell off at some point when I realized that J Hud was being eliminated. At that point I really started to questionsSimon’s ability to judge, but I gave it another shot with X-Factor. I got sucked back in with its off the wall contestants and the fact that they were letting everyone from Grand Dad’s to babies (Astro and Rachel), to homeless dudes. I definitely think that they got it right with changing up the limitations that Idol has but, something must not be working because as we see are not coming back. Initially I read that Cowell hoped that he would begin the x-factor season with 20 million in viewers but I had hope to start my adult years as a wealthy baroness, so hey so much for that. Needless to say I think I’m getting a little tired of the talent search overload although  I can’t wait until THE VOICE starts after the Super Bowl”. So tell me what you think about that girl.


 Okay just another thing, can I say that I believe that this footage shows what I suspect to be the all around beginning of the end for the Host, Nicole and freakin Abdul. Can you just see how within like the first two minutes of Crows elimination, when LA tells her he’s out and she nods that’s okay...that’s okay, well she knew she still had Nicole to bank on. So Nicole makes her decision and then is soooo remorseful for it that it became a spectacle in and of itself. Then “LOL”… can we just cut to the dramatic slump down of the fake show host. They already say that there is a certain dissonance with his personality anyway and he continues to prove critics right, here. Simon, although torn up about loosing his contestant still seems to be the only one of them looking around at the spectacle almost  looking as if to be thinking “you freakin asses, ain’t NON OF YOU COMING BACK HERE NEXT SEASON….Bunch of bithces” LOL say it with a British Accent 

-First of all, since I couldn’t create an avatar, I couldn’t resist using Grace Jones’ picture because she looks like an avatar!!  Fierce LOL!

As for X-Factor, the show is a SNOOZE FEST!!!  Who the heck even recognizes those judges?  It is just a bad spoof of American Idol!!  You have the crazy looking black guy with too much make up on and the non talented latino woman (oh its the same one from Idol, LOL)!  These people are easy to replace!!! You and I could start a show and just hire Hugh Grant as Simon, Any of Michael Jackson’s brothers as Randy and Charo in the place of Paula Abdul….actually, I think that line up would make a more entertaining show.

Besides, once you get past the fact that Leroy Bell, the 60-year old crooner, looks younger than most of the 30-year old men that I have dated and Rachel Crow resembles a scary Cabbage Patch Kid doll, it was pretty much all the entertainment the show had to offer.  I’m going to go old school and watch Wheel of Fortune!

-Kasey Monroe