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Image We are Catty Kitty and we welcome all of you anxious restless bloggers out there who are just thirsty nay hungry for a forum where you can just let it all hang out. We invite you to our dialogue. Here we hold nothing back, you will get the latest dish on your favorite celebs and non-celebs. We will let you into the world of two long time besties, everything we say and do will be posted here just for you. First we invite you to take our latest poll from our most recent conversation.

While the republicans are currently busy fighting over who will best qualify to take down the country me and my best were debating the many reasons why we thought one of two of Hollywood’s most uneligible bachelors would best work for fulfilling our every wet dream, would it be the Oooh So Hot Heartthrob, the ever present Mr. Matthew McConaughey or the Sexy Dream Boat from the UK the one who you can’t wait to feel pronounce the words “I’m right here love” while slowly approaching your lips with his ever present sex oozing Hot Ass Body Mr.Idris Elba? Okay ladies we would like to let you in on this oh so important debate. Take our poll and tell us know who you think has the best pole 🙂 Yes the pun was intended.

What you may not know about this great debate that we are having is that it lends itself to a much larger conversation. As always in America the ever present burden of race relations rears its ugly head even in this lighthearted an issue. We started by talking about dating, while I am married my best is not yet committed neither bearing yet the psychological commitment of marriage (you know the one that comes after say 7 years of being in the institution of marriage which can most often lead to the need to be institutionalized), nor the legal form that America has determined, where you say “I Do” and sign the papers and get on with a lifetime of complaints”. So needless to say she’s looking, in our convo I happen to ask if she had any objections to “The Other White Meat”, to which she replied of course not. What came from this discussion was an overall understanding that most Black women are not opposed to dating White Men however it seems that most White Men are reserved in their thoughts to ever wanting to explore dating Black Women.

Well We came up with many sociological reasons as to why White guys in 2012 are still not on the band wagon, but ultimately we will discuss those with you guys later, but they all led back to the main point, we wanted to know who do you think is HOT????

Stay Tuned for so many more relevant topics, we are just getting started…..